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School Rules



Students need to take ownership of their learning by being present and punctual for lessons. Students who come late will lose out on valuable learning time.

Attendance in school is compulsory. Absence from school is permitted only when it is supported by a Medical Certificate (MC) or a parent’s letter with valid reasons. Students should not submit more than three excuse letters per semester. Subsequently, students will be booked for Absence Without Valid Reasons, which is deemed as truancy. 

If students wish to leave or absent themselves from school for private matters, parents need to apply for leave of absence for their child through his or her Form Teacher. Permission will be granted on a case-by-case basis by the Principal (P) or Vice-Principals (VP).

Students must be punctual for all school functions, lessons and CCA. Students who are late for school assembly will be booked. Students who are very late for school i.e. after the first period begins, will be booked for skipping lessons.

Students who arrive after the end of morning assembly must register at the guard post and obtain a late-coming green slip before they can proceed to join their class.  Students caught bypassing the guard post without obtaining a green slip will face more severe consequences. 

Students are expected to be in their respective classrooms for lessons within five minutes of the school bell. Students who are late without a valid reason will be booked.

Students are not to leave the school premises before the dismissal bell without special permission from their Form Teacher/HOD Discipline/VP/P. In the event that the student is unwell and needs to leave the school early, his or her parent or guardian will be contacted and the student is expected to produce a MC the next day. When special permission is granted, students must proceed to the General Office to sign out before leaving school.

Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) are an integral part of our students’ holistic education and CCA participation is compulsory for all students. Missing CCA sessions without valid reasons is considered the same offence as skipping lessons. Students who fail to support their absence with an MC will be booked for skipping CCA.


Morning assemblies are meant for the student body to gather together as a school community. During this time, students show their love for the country through the singing of the National Anthem and reciting of the Pledge. Daily devotions follow after this as a means for students to learn values and appreciate God.

When the music plays to signal assembly time, students are to assemble in the parade square.

By the first bell, students should already be seated according to index number in their classes at the parade square. All Form Teachers will then mark attendance.  Students who are not at the parade square by the start of morning assembly will be considered late.

Students must be in full school uniform for morning assembly. Only students who are having PE are allowed to come in half-uniform (except on chapel days). Attire (includes grooming) checks will be conducted daily. Students with improper attire will be booked. Students whose attire or grooming cannot be rectified on the spot may be sent home for rectification.

Boys are to put on their ties on chapel days and for special school functions to show their respect for the significance of the occasion.

Students must stand at attention during the National Anthem and Pledge-Taking. Students who are Singapore citizens must sing the National Anthem and take the Pledge. Students will take the Pledge with the right fist over the heart.

Students must sing the school song with pride and respect to demonstrate their commitment to the school community.



The school aims to provide a safe and conducive learning environment for all students. When students behave appropriately in the classrooms, they show the respect they have for their teachers and their peers. They also demonstrate their commitment to be active and considerate learners in the community.

All students must be punctual for lessons. They are expected to be at the lesson’s venue within the first five minutes after the bell. Attendance will be taken before the start of each lesson. Perpetual late-comers will be booked.

Students are to greet the teacher at the start and the end of each lesson.

No food is to be brought from the canteen into the classroom. No food is to be consumed in the classroom except during snack breaks. Proper food, not tidbits, must be packed in a box to maintain proper hygiene and cleanliness.  No chewing gum is allowed in school. Drinking of water is allowed.

Students are not to leave the classroom without a class pass issued by teachers.

Students must keep classrooms neat and tidy at all times. All fans and lights are to be switched off before students leave for their next venue.

For security reasons, all classrooms should be locked by the Class Chairperson when no one is in the classroom.

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An individual shows his or her commitment to the community by presenting himself or herself in a common and easily recognisable manner. Students show that they are proud of their identities as ambassadors of the school by dressing appropriately and respectfully.


Students are to wear the prescribed school uniform and modification to the uniform is not allowed. Boys are only allowed to alter the length of the pants so that it covers the ankles. 
The uniform must be worn with the school badge, name tag and CCA collar badge at all times.
When the school tie is worn, it must be pulled up to the collar.
When track shoes are worn, 70% of it must be white in colour, while 30% can consist of any composition of blue, grey and black colours. No other colours are allowed. Shoelaces must be visible and white in colour.
No other track shoes (e.g. slip-ons, high cut basketball shoes etc.) are allowed during the school term. Students are allowed to bring special shoes to change into for CCA training. 
During the school holidays, students can come to school in shoes that are appropriate for their CCAs.
If a student cannot wear shoes for any special reason, supporting medical documents must be given to the form teacher to explain the situation.
Only white socks are allowed and they should cover the ankles. 

For Boys 

Shirts should be tucked in at all times, regardless of whether students are in or out of school.
Long pants must not be tapered till they become tight or slim fit. They must be long enough to cover the ankles.

For Girls 

Only white or skin-coloured brassieres are allowed. Brassiere straps must not be visible.
Blouses must be zipped up fully.
Skirts must be worn at knee-length.


For PE lessons, games practices and leisure games, students must wear the school PE T-shirt and shorts. 
Students should bring their PE attire to school for lessons and seek their PE teachers’ permission to be excused from PE for the day, if they feel unwell.
Students must change into half-uniform, with a clean PE T-shirt, at the end of their PE lesson.
Designs for CCA T-shirts should include the School Crest, School Name and CCA Name. Designs must be approved by the respective CCA teachers-in-charge and the HOD CCA.
Class and CCA T-shirts can be worn during CCAs and other school or class functions.
Students who come to school for CCA or other activities outside of curriculum time must be in half-school uniform (i.e. wear a school-related T-shirt, school pants, shorts or skirt, and a pair of approved track shoes).


Students’ hair must be neat and tidy at all times.
Fancy hair styling, tinting, dyeing, highlighting and bleaching of hair are not allowed.
Spectacle frames should be plain and the lenses are not to be tinted.
Nails must be kept short and clean at all times. Nail polish, varnish or hardeners are not allowed.  
No facial makeup is allowed.
Tattoos or any other forms of body painting, permanent or temporary, are strictly not allowed. Students found with tattoos will be suspended from school until efforts are made to remove them. 
No accessories are to be worn with the school uniform. 

For Boys 

Hair must not touch the collar and must be sloped at the sides and at the rear. Fancy styling of hair is not allowed. 
Fringes must not touch the eyebrows.
Hair must not be permed.
Male students must be clean-shaven and neat in appearance.
Boys are not to pierce their ears, nor wear earrings/ear studs or have any other forms of piercing on them.

For Girls 

Hair must fall above the base of the collar or be neatly tied up.
Fringes must be neat. They must fall above the eyebrows or be pinned down with clips or a hairband.
All ribbons, rubber bands and hair clips must be navy blue/black in colour.
Girls may only wear plain gold or silver round stud earrings or transparent ear sticks on their earlobes. Multiple earrings or ear sticks and other accessories are not allowed.  Other forms of piercing are not allowed.


The school believes that it is important for students to show empathy and understanding of others in the school community. Hence, students are discouraged from bringing expensive personal belongings to the school, as these can become distractions for the student body. By not bringing expensive electronic devices and jewellery to school, students also prevent any feelings of envy and inferiority from forming unnecessarily. This way, students do not have to worry about the safety of their expensive belongings as well. 


Students are to be discerning, prudent and responsible in their use of technology. Students demonstrate their commitment to community when they consider the impact their online activities have on others.
Mobile phones are not to be used during curriculum time, including free periods and recesses / lunch breaks. They must be switched off and kept in the students’ lockers during curriculum time. Students who use their phones during curriculum time will be booked and their phones will be confiscated for a period of time. Recalcitrant students will face stiffer consequences.

Mobile phones and electronic communication devices (e.g., smart watches, fitness trackers) are strictly disallowed in examination premises. When these items are found in any student’s possession during the examinations, he/she will be booked for possession of disallowed items.

Personal Learning Devices (PLD) are to be used responsibly for academic purposes. They should not be left unattended (e.g. during PE) and should be kept in the students’ lockers for safekeeping. PLDs should not be charged in school.  The school will not bear responsibility for the loss of these devices.

Students should be responsible in their use of technology, including the internet and social media.

Students are not to use the technology to abuse or hurt the school, her staff or students in any way.

Students are not to use the technology for personal gain and inappropriate purposes (e.g. surfing pornographic / hate sites, downloading pirated software/files, hacking into school or external systems, etc). Photographs and videos of schoolmates and staff should not be taken without their permission.

If the school has reason to suspect that a student’s electronic device has been used to commit an offence, the school may confiscate the electronic device for further investigation.

The school views such offences very seriously and will involve the police if necessary. 


Students are not allowed to bring items used for gambling purposes.
Students are not allowed to have in their possession any weapon. They are also not allowed to bring any weapon-like item which can be used or intended to be used to cause harm to self or others.


Students are to show courtesy to others during recess time. They show their commitment to the community by maintaining a conducive environment for their peers and teachers to enjoy their break time and their food.  

Students should not disturb their classmates who are having lessons when they go for their recess. 
Students must be back in class before the next lesson starts.
Used crockery/bottles must be returned to the respective stalls or into the receptacles provided.
Wrappers and empty cartons must be thrown into litter bins.