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School Leaders' Updates

Bless the teachers, Lord we ask
May they find joy in their task

These familiar lines from our school hymn come to mind whenever Teachers’ Day is celebrated. Although it has been a long while since the school last sang the school hymn together in the hall, nothing can stop us from asking the Lord to bless the school… especially those who are involved in moulding the future of our nation!

Teachers’ Day Celebrations

This year’s Teachers’ Day was celebrated with the long tail of COVID still hanging over us. We could not have the usual concert where students entertained the teachers in the hall… but we had the celebrations in the classrooms over Zoom. We could not have the usual Teachers’ Day Lunch where teachers could socialise and have a delightful afternoon together… 


… we had the PiE Parents showing their love and support to the teachers by supplying three consecutive days of yummy breakfast, a painstakingly and creatively decorated table laden with well-loved snacks, aromatic coffee and deliciously extravagant and ‘atas’ tea, and lots of appreciation/encouragement notes! The PiE “Teachers’ Day Planning Team” also ensured that the teachers were properly thanked for the hard work they had put into educating the young Fairsians through a home-made, heart-warming video.  

Table of snacks.jpg

 Nicely decorated table of snacks, coffee and tea… and cards of appreciation...   
Food _cards.jpg
Teachers felt the love… through the Nasi Lemak breakfast as well as the notes of appreciation… 

Students from Sec 1 and 2 who had undergone the Elective Modules also took the opportunity to show their appreciation to their teachers through the hand-made fruit tarts, iced Latte and mocktails. Others feted teachers with creatively designed cards and home-made cookies and other delectable confectionaries.
Mocktail Cropped.JPG
Fruit Tart cropped.JPG

Mocktails and iced Latte… and Fruit Tarts freshly prepared by students

Personalised Digital Learning Programme

In a year marked by two rounds of tightening of Safe Management Measures, teachers had to cut down on the range of learning activities students could have in the classroom. Group work was limited and movement in the classroom or out of class was also kept to a minimum. However, a little excitement came in the form of the Personal Learning Devices (PLD). Our Sec 1-3 students unboxed their PLDs on 25 August with much delight. With the PLD, collaborative work via Padlet or Google can be done without huddling together and students can also engage in virtual learning journeys and activities as facilitated by the teachers. Now, students will not need to fight with their parents and siblings over the use of the home computer. Students can also deepen their understanding further by exploring instructional videos and materials not covered in class.

As with many things, the PLD can either be a boon to student learning or a bane to parents. It is important to impress on your child/ward that without clear rules and boundaries, students can be tripped by various device-related issues like excessive gaming, excessive youtube-ing, as well as reduction of sleep, exercise, and interaction with the rest of the family. Already there are parents writing to the school about the inordinate amount of time their children have spent on the PLD since it was issued to them. Do continue having conversations about what they are doing online—whether school related or not—and help them by setting up controls through the Device Management Application (DMS). This will be launched in mid-October.

Parental guidance.jpg

Parental guidance needed to ensure that students strike a balance between screen time and interaction in the real world.

Responding to COVID-19 

While we continue to wish for COVID to stop troubling us, we can continue to examine our own responses to uncertainties, complexities and disruptions that COVID had brought. Are we able to adapt well? Quickly? Reluctantly? Or are we languishing in a state of limbo? We have been reminding our students to carry on with their learning while taking necessary precautions and not becoming unduly anxious about the situation. The multiple changes can be unsettling, but we encourage the students to take things in their stride. When there are COVID cases arising within the school, we will take action quickly to identify close contacts, inform the parents of affected students and take the appropriate measures to keep everyone safe. We will not know how long the current situation will last but we can certainly continue to exercise social responsibility, keep safe and care for one another.

Bless this school O Lord we pray
Make it safe by night and day