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Information on Digital Literacy

MOE Cyber Wellness page

MOE’s Cyber Wellness webpage explains the focus of Cyber Wellness (CW) in Character and Citizenship Education (CCE), and has useful tips and resources on various cyber issues. You can access the page using the following link:

Digital Literacy through Peer Support

MOE has announced the roll-out of Personal Learning Devices in secondary schools, and also the plans for Blended Learning to be a key feature of a student’s schooling experience. 

Recognising that a student’s experience involves the use of the Internet and devices on a larger scale than before, it is imperative that students are first prepared and equipped to manage their use of technology, and to do so in a responsible manner.

Therefore, starting 2021, Fairfield’s Peer Support Board has initiated a new branch to focus on Digital Literacy. Through this new initiative and focus, the school hopes to prepare and equip students to confidently manage the use of their Personal Learning Devices.

There are three key focuses for this new Digital Literacy initiative:
Digital Literacy Initiative.jpg

As IT-related issues and risks are constantly evolving, it is important to ensure our students are well-informed of these concerns and know how to handle them. At the same time, merging the goals of using the Internet wisely and inculcating in students values of respect and graciousness, efforts will be made to raise awareness and reinforce ideas of netiquette. Finally, the use of devices inevitably raises concerns about addiction and how it could affect the user negatively. Therefore, efforts will go towards helping students to learn tips and strategies for self-management so that they remain in control of their device usage.

Digi-Byte Newsletters

Issue #1 - Term 1 2022
Digi-Byte Newsletter 1.pdf

Issue #2 - Term 2 2022
Digi-Byte Newsletter 2.pdf

Issue #3 - Term 3 2022
Digi-Byte Newsletter 3.pdf

Issue #4 - Term 4 2022
Digi-Byte Newsletter 4.pdf

Useful Links

•Media Literacy Council (https://go.gov.sg/better-internet-sg)
•National Library’s Learning & Information Literacy Resources (https://sure.nlb.gov.sg/ )
•TOUCH Community Services (https://help123.sg)