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Education and Career Guidance

Education and Career Guidance (ECG) facilitates the acquisition of necessary knowledge, skills and attitude that will enable students to gain a better self-awareness; explore viable educational and career pathways; make informed decisions and to develop an action plan to achieve their career aspirations.

ECG Key Messages


ECG Counselling

ECG Counselling provides dedicated support for graduating students who have yet to identify their career interests, select post-secondary educational institutions/subject combinations and/or require assistance with JAE application:

ECG Services

 1. Individual Consultations for Students and/or Parents

• Identifying Career Interests, Personality Strengths, Skill Strengths, Values
• Selecting Upper Secondary Subject Combinations
• Exploring Post-Secondary Educational Pathways & Institutions (IB, A-Levels, Diploma JCs & Polys.)
• Choosing JC Subject Combinations
• Understanding University Admissions
• Preparing for School Admission Exercises (ie., DSA-JC, Poly EAE, PFP, DPP, JAE)
• PTM ECG Enquiries
• Applying for Scholarships
• Resume & Interview Skills
• Personality Profile Interpretations

2. ECG Workshops/Talks

3. Online & Print Resources 

MOE ECG Resources

General Information

Information on Secondary Education

Through-train Pathways for N(A) Students (Please use PFP and DPP)

Information on Post-Secondary Education

Online Resource

  1. Future Of Work

  2. ‘Financial sector jobs in focus as middleman role under threat’ – Business Times

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  3. Future of Education 
    ‘Pay attention to lifelong learning’ – Straits Times

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    Singapore's first university of the arts to enrol pioneer batch of students in August 2024

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    18 poly grads admitted to NUS medical school in new high

    ITE students to get more support to pursue careers in semiconductor sector

    ITE unveils new AI training facilities, industry partnerships

    ITE aerospace students to get latest testing equipment, new unmanned aerial systems diploma

    ITE unveils $2.6m media training centre where students work on commercial projects

    NTU merges engineering and chemistry departments to create new school

    New centre under world's largest blockchain research programme opens at NTU

    New research centre in NTU to further drive robotics' role in S'pore's development

  5. Personal Growth
  6. ‘UOB chief’s advice to young people: invest in yourself’ – Straits Times http://www.straitstimes.com/business/companies-markets/uob-chiefs-advice-to-young-people-invest-in-yourself 

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