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Girls' Brigade

What The 3rd Girls' Brigade Is All About
The Girls' Brigade is an international, interdenominational Christian youth organisation for girls
which was first established in Singapore in 1927. The 3rd Company was started ten years later in Fairfield Methodist Girls' School, now known as Fairfield Methodist School. The 3rd Company has provided many girls from the ages of 9 to 16-year olds with valuable experiences and interactions. Even till this day, many of the graduated seniors still feel a sense of commitment to come back to the school to help out with the various activities in the company.

 The Girls' Brigade serves also as a platform for girls to develop in character and hone their leadership skills through the annual camps and events organised for the girls and the GB sessions. Our activities aim to fulfil the four -fold programme of the Girls' Brigade, to nurture our girls to be adept educationally, spiritually, socially, as well as physically, preparing them to make a difference in society.

Our Activities

We meet almost every week on Fridays at 2.15pm as a way to conclude the stressful week.
No matter how bad a day a day the girls may have, they can cast aside their worries for that
moment. Our programme seeks to develop the girls in four important aspects as mentioned above.
We have devotion (spiritual), drill (physical), badgework (educational) and
recreation (social), comprising of fun games to build teamwork. Our girls are grouped into
squads where they develop and interact with one another, forging new friendships.
Our 3rd(S) company has about 90 girls who are grouped into 6 squads in total.

The best way to enjoy GB sessions is to not think of it as just a CCA but as an experience that you
will never be able to have once you graduate out of secondary school, having friends that will
always be there to catch you when you fall, especially during the camps, where your friendships
are strengthened and the friends by your side make it more enjoyable.

Our Common Goals

Vision: To make every girl a Leader!

 Aim: To help our girls to become faithful followers of the Lord Jesus Christ and through self control, reverence and a sense of responsibility, find true enrichment of life.

 Motto: Seek, serve and Follow Christ.

 Principles: The Brigade acknowledges Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord according to the scriptures and seeks to fulfil its Aim to the glory of one God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

 What We Do: The Brigade witnesses to the standard set by Jesus Christ and gives positive teaching on the Christian attitude to life, and promotes a just society where all people are equally valued.


Our Badge 


A Cross in the centre is the symbol of Christ and his church.
A Lamp at the bottom signifies our hope for His glory to shine out upon the world through us.
A Torch at the top, is the flame of love, of Christ's living Spirit and of our devotion to Him.
A Crown at the base of the Torch, symbolises our recognition of Christ as our King.
The Red Background signifies the blood of Jesus, which washes away all sins.
Lastly, the Blue Circle represents God's never-ending love for us.

Our Vesper 

Captain Divine,
Our work is now complete
And ere we part,
We gather at thy feet
To give our labours and ourselves to Thee
Without reserve, Thy cause to serve
O Captain hear us as we pledge to be
True to our creed
In thoughts and deeds