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Symphonic Band

Our History
The Fairfield Methodist Girl’s School at Neil Road was one of the few schools to start a band in 1967. Known as the Fairfield Methodist Girl’s School Brass Band, it began with only the tenacious perseverance of twenty members. It has indeed soared over great heights to grow first into a Military Band (FMB) and finally in 1993, a Symphonic band (FSB). Ever since, the band has grown from strength to strength, boasting a present colossal strength of 110 members. 
 The band’s goal is to incite versatility, originality, musicality and creativity in all students who walk through its portals. Over the years, the band’s versatility has attained a high standard of showmanship and recognition through numerous public performances it had and the diverse variety of enriching activities it had participated in.
FSB was invited on several occasions to perform at the Istana and also performed for 14th ASEAN Sepak Takraw Championships Opening Ceremony. The band went on a performing cum cultural exchange trip to New Zealand and an educational tour to historical Malacca in 2000.
Under the leadership of Miss Yip Yuen Cum (conductor 1993 to 2003), the band obtained a Silver award in the Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Central Judging in 1995, 1997, 1999 and 2001. The band did the school proud by obtaining a Gold award in the SYF Central Judging (2003).
Ms Sia Swee Suan and Mr Ong Tee Hoe took over from Miss Yip and under their guidance, the band participated in the 6th Asian Symphonic Band Competition (Bangkok 2004). It was the first international competition that the band took part. The band also took part in the 1st National Band Competition (Singapore) and was awarded the Silver medal. The band was awarded the Silver medal in the SYF Central Judging in 2005 and 2007.
Mrs Chua-Tan Soh Hwa began to lead the band from 2007. Mrs Chua is an experienced conductor who has 19 years of band teaching experience. Under her baton, the band has soared and reached a new level of excellence in performance and showmanship, where it was awarded the Certificate of Distinction in the SYF Arts Presentation in 2017.

Our Vision
Our vision is for young aspiring musicians in Fairfield to be trained and inspired in a hospitable and challenging environment. As individual musicians and asmembers of the Fairfield Symphonic Band (FSB) , they will pursue music excellence and the highest standards of musicality as one family. 

Our Mission
Our mission is to mould every member of FSB to reach their fullest potential. FSB will provide each member with an opportunity to experience an excellent music education and training, aiming to inspire and develop the enthusiastic and dedicated music-lovers in Fairfield. It also improves both mentally and physically as they get to interact with one another during band practices. We continue to soar through the skies to produce better results everytime!

SYF Arts Performance 2019


Symphonics Band achieved Certificate of Distinction in the SYF Arts Presentation 2019