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Character and Citizenship Education Framework

At the heart of our Character and Citizenship Education framework  John Maxwell’s theory of leadership based on the idea that “Leadership Is Influence”. Influential leadership can be demonstrated through moral and performance character and active citizenry, which are based on Christian principles. We believe that every teacher is a CCE teacher who reinforces what he or she teaches with positive role-modelling and strong teacher-student relationship. 

The CCE framework also adopts Prof Thomas Lickona’s theory of Moral Knowing, Moral Feeling, Moral Action or better known as “Head, Heart, Hands” approach in engaging the whole child. The co-curricular programmes incorporate this learner-centric approach to support students’ learning. It aims to impart knowledge, inculcate values and motivate students to take the right actions. 


Student Leadership Framework

As we believe that all Fairsians can be leaders, we have adopted a two-tier model for student leadership training. Developing the four Fairsian Outcomes through our Fairfield curriculum forms the foundation for leadership for the general student body. The basic leadership training programme is conducted through platforms such as the Lifeskills curriculum, WHEEL week, CCA and the National Youth Achievement Award.
Students who are appointed to leadership positions such as Student Councillors, CCA Leaders and Class Committee members undergo the Advanced Student Leadership Training programme, consisting of modules such as “Transformational Leadership” and “How to be an Effective Leader”. Likewise, identified by their interests in promoting health and environmental awareness, the Health Ambassadors and Environmental/NE Ambassadors are given platforms for exposure to public speaking to share health tips and environmental issues and in leading relevant projects at the school and community level.  

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Excel in Sports and Studies


44 Sec 1 students from Sports CCAs attended a workshop titled Excel in Sports and Studies conducted by Mr Steven Quek on 15 Feb 2019. He is the author of a book of  the same title .