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Info for Parents

CCE Newsflash Term 4  2018

Dear parents,

Fairfield, Make Someone Smile (FMSS) Day 

The year is drawing to a close and every Fairsian will agree that this has been a good year of adventure, growth and learning. We would like to share with you what some of our students have done for Fairfield, Make Someone Smile Day (FMSS Day). FMSS Day--or Smiles Day--is a day in which our students go out into the community to put a smile on someone’s face by doing a kind deed to bless them.  

This year, in celebration of Fairfield’s 130th Anniversary and her journey towards a student-led school, our leaders were tasked to lead their peers to bless the community with at least 130 gestures of love. Here are a few of the many acts of kindness and love: 

row 1-1.jpgrow 1-2.jpgrow 1-3.jpg
Our Footballers blessed our foreign workers with
Community Student Leaders & Friends organised a Beach Clean-up.  The Social Department of the Student Council went to APSN to help the special need adults with contract work. 
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The Class Captains and Sports Leaders gave goodie bags (snacks) to the APC teachers and students to brighten up their day.   The 3rd COY GB members spent their precious time writing cheerful and fun notes to give to strangers in Sentosa to make their day.  NCC (Sea) went to SJSM Church to give out packs of food, drinks and notes of appreciation to 85 construction workers.  
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 The Connect Department of the Student Council packed food and sorted clothes for the needy at Willing Hearts.  Students from Secondary 3C blessed the residents of Stirling Road with food hampers.    The Peer Support Board went to Fairfield Primary to bless the teaching and non-teaching staff with some snacks, drinks and cards.   

Partnering with Parents  

Helping your children protect their personal data online 

In today’s world, technology has opened up opportunities, such as 
• New ways of exploring the world (e.g., exploring videos on YouTube with the new geotag feature) 
• Allowing connectivity amongst our devices (e.g., Google Home)

While technology offers value, there are potential risks and issues such as inadvertent sharing of personal information, breach of personal data on social media sites and loss of privacy due to background collection of data.  

As parents, you can help your children safeguard their personal data. You can find out more. (Please refer to Tip Sheet for Parents.pdf). 
Yours sincerely,  
The CCE & SD Team 


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