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Understanding Mental Health

Mental Health E-kit: A Resource for Your Mental Wellness in Singapore


This e-booklet represents the culmination of Dare To Share, a campaign about promoting awareness around mental health for male teens.  In it, you will find resources that we have deemed most useful and relevant for you when seeking help in Singapore. We hope that you will not only become more knowledgeable about mental health, but also confident in engaging with issues on mental wellness, both with yourself and your peers.

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Interacting with Persons with Mental Health Conditions

An information booklet that features everyday encounters with persons who may be experiencing mental health issues. This resource is useful for individuals who are interested in supporting their friends, colleagues, neighbours or loved ones.

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It'll Be Alright
E- Book  
The book features a compilation of mental well-being stories, ranging from personal experiences to mental health tips for youths, by youths. View PDF
ResiL!ence Mental Health ResourcesThis booklet comprises of the different avenues of help seeking such as Apps/Social Media and Professional Agencies. You can also find information relating to Coping Strategies like Breathing Exercise and Gratitude Journaling inside. View PDF