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Fairfield is committed to implementing a customised Co-Curriculum which is holistic, enriching and experiential. It seeks to nurture leaders of good character through a progressive development of leadership skills over four years and leverages the Values-in-Action (VIA) programme to provide students with opportunities to serve the community and exercise leadership. Fairfield adopts Prof Thomas Lickona’s “Head, Heart, Hands” approach in engaging the whole child and provides a vibrant Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) programme that builds 21st century competencies. 

At the heart of our Character and Citizenship Education framework lies John Maxwell’s theory that “Leadership Is Influence”. Influential leadership can be demonstrated through moral and performance character and active citizenry, which are based on Christian principles. We believe that every teacher is a CCE teacher who reinforces what he or she teaches with positive role-modelling and strong teacher-student relationship. 

Fairfield’s co-curricular programmes incorporate a learner-centric approach to supporting students’ learning. It aims to impart knowledge, inculcate values and motivate students to take the right actions.