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Fairfield seeks to provide a conducive environment for staff and students so that joy of learning (MOE Workplan 2016) can be experienced. Recognising that discipline is important, the school strives to create a climate where student morale is high and students are well taken care of.

Approach to Discipline

The character development of a student is the responsibility of the student, the parents and the school. The school is ever ready to provide guidance and opportunities for learning -- on the premise that the student is willing to take up the responsibility to make progress and the parent(s) are willing to partner the school in moulding the child.

Our main approach to discipline is adopted from MOE’s discipline philosophy (2019).

  • Students learn well when there is order and discipline. At the same time, they need care, encouragement and space to learn from mistakes and improve.
  • Discipline is a learning process, and the goal is to teach students how to develop self-discipline and good character.
  • Disciplinary measures help students understand that their actions carry consequences, which helps them learn to take responsibility for their actions.
  • Strong, stable and supportive School Leadership is the key success factor for effective school discipline.
  • A whole-school, multi-faceted approach is required.
  • To sustain positive behaviour, schools should involve peers to influence others positively to create a caring and supportive community.
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