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Community Problem-Solving Project

One of the key highlights for Secondary Three students is the Community Problem Solving Project. For a duration of two terms, students work in groups of four to five to create a solution for an authentic problem faced by the Fairfield community and a community that they have identified beyond Fairfield. This project aims to hone the students’ critical and inventive thinking and communication abilities, collaborative and information skills, which are key competencies required in the 21st Century.

Applying the rigour of divergent and convergent thinking in their teams, students work on a series of comparative evaluation to arrive at the most significant problem and most effective solution, before presenting their final research findings and detailed analysis to their peers and teachers. Following which, the best projects from each class are considered for actual implementation and follow through. This is a signature project of the English department that aims to make learning and problem solving as real and authentic as possible for the students. Through this, we hope to prepare Fairsians to be future ready.