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2018 Aesthetic Coursework O/ N level Examination matter

Dear Parents of Sec 4/5 Aesthetics coursework students,
Your child has been issued the coursework examination paper and theme on the 19th Jan 2018 and the O level coursework examination officially started that day. You child will need to complete his/ her coursework before the coursework deadline, which will be in July - Sep, depending on his/ her coursework subject. You can find the details in the attachments below.

I would like to appeal for your help to monitor the progress of your child. As the coursework contributes 60% to 70% (depending on the subject) of the O/ N level marks for the respective subjects, it is imperative that you child put in effort from the start for the component.

In order to do well for the subject, your child will need to put in at least 6 to 8 hours of work every week from now till April in order to complete the design journal/ FN coursework report/ Art prep work on time. If your child allows the tasks to accumulate, it will be increasingly difficult to catch up at the later stages and may result in failure or non-submission of coursework.

We look forward to a fruitful partnership in order to help your child achieve his/ her full potential. Please do contact your child's subject teacher if you need any clarification.


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