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2021 PiE Activities/Programmes

PiE Projects 2021



Teachers Breakfast

4 Jan 2021

Prepare "Welcome Back to School" snacks for teachers & staff

Panel Discussion - Transition to Secondary School

27 Feb 2021

Dialogue session with panel of school leaders and parents on Transition to Secondary School

Parenting Talk (Digital Literacy)

13 Mar 2021

Parenting talk on Digital Literacy

Virtual Fairfield Run

March 2021

Participate with your child

Parenting Talk (Mental Wellness)

10 Apr 2021

Parenting talk on Mental Wellness

Mental Health Profiling

17 Apr 2021

Mental Health Profiling for parents and students

Dad-Child Bonding Activity

May/Jun 2021

Dads@Fairfield Dad-Child bonding activity

Parenting Talk (How to Prepare Your Child for Major Exams)

3 Jul 2021

Parenting skills (How to Prepare Your Child for Major Exams)

SSP / BLESS Program 

Jul to Aug


Sponsor refreshments to Sec 4/5 students

Parenting Talk (Mental Wellness)

14 Aug 2021

Parenting skills (Mental Wellness series)

Teachers Day Celebration

2 Sep 2021

Join the planning team to come up with creative ways to show appreciation to the teachers

Parenting Talk (Mental Health)

4 Sep 2021

Parenting talk on Mental Health (Raising Future-Ready Kids: Suicide Prevention & Mental Health) 

Parenting Talk (Sexuality)

23 Oct 2021

Parenting talk on Sexuality (Raising Future-Ready Kids:

Relational Health & Sexual Intelligence) 

FMS(P) P6 Parents/Students Visit

Nov 2021

Prepare snacks and host the parents/students

Sec 1 Registration

Dec 2021

Assist in crowd control

PiE Involvement 2021



Tzone Café

Temporary closed

To befriend students and provide refreshments

Parents Prayer Meeting

Fortnightly – Fri (am) 

via Zoom

For all Christian Prayer Parents to commit our children and school to God

If you wish to join any of the PiE activities or initiatives, sign up here: http://tinyurl.com/fmss-pie

Parenting Talks / Breakfast Chats sessions

1. Parenting talk on Digital Literacy (13 Mar 2021)
Presentation shared by Ms Carol Loi -> For Sharing Digital Literacy March 2021.pdf

2. Parenting talk on Mental Wellness (10 April 2021)
Book shared by Mr Edgar Tham ->  Mental Toughness Training model.pdf  

3. Breakfast Chat on How to Prepare Your Child for Major Exams (3 Jul 2021)
Presentation shared by Year Heads (Ms Clarissa Koh and Mr Eric Loh) -> Parents Talk 3 July 2021 Clarissa.pdf 
Presentation shared by Lilian Hor (PiE Chairperson) -> Prepare for exams sharing Lilian.pdf 

4. Parenting Talk on Resilience is about how you recharge, not how you endure (14 Aug 21)
  Click here for all the useful links shared during the session.