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Cultivating values through the performing arts

When on stage, performers may look poised and professional, but months of gruelling rehearsals and diligent practices form the foundation of any performance. In Fairfield, Performing Arts CCAs build teamwork and discipline, as well as nurturing students’ creativity and love for the arts. 

In the Fairfield Symphonic Band, senior members mentor the junior members, learning patience, humility, and good communication skills.

The Fairfield Choir is all about harmony -- both literally and figuratively. Students learn the importance of pulling their own weight, while at the same time not overpowering voices of others.

In the Fairfield Guitar Ensemble, students pick up listening skills, attention to detail, and discipline.

All students in Fairfield English Drama know that all team members play crucial roles, and the actors are merely the most visible. Props, costumes, sets, lights, sound...every production is a team effort.

Any dancer knows that diligence and discipline are keys to success. Fairfield Dance instills both these values in its members as they work together to coordinate their movements and put up stellar performances.