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Cultivating Values through Clubs/Societies 

In Fairfield Methodist School (Secondary), there are five clubs and societies – Christian Fellowship, Media@Fairfield, Robotics Club, Library and Journalism. Students in these Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs) meet once a week and engage themselves in exciting and meaningful activities. Besides this, they contribute back to the school through their acts of service and kindness. For example, Media@Fairfield is always willing to help provide media coverage for significant school events and programmes, while Library has shown their appreciation to their teachers through the gifting of care packages or beautiful handmade keychains. These instances demonstrate how Clubs and Societies have strengthened students’ desire to serve their communities.   

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Christian Fellowship is an example of a CCA that constantly strives to cultivate a good sense of morals and values in their students. CCA teacher, Mrs. Rosalind Ho shared that through reading and sharing the gospel and leading devotion, the students “know that they belong to God and are loved by Him, and therefore they should share that love with others”. This creates a desire within them to serve the community. Due to the nature of the CCA, students are given ample opportunities to do so, making them “listeners and doers of the word”. Once a term, students also organise VIA sessions to Lion Befrienders@18 Ghim Moh where they plan and conduct activities for the elderly. Their willingness to serve is all the more evident when they suggested a ‘Give a Gift’ programme for underprivileged children next year. Such activities are fulfilling for them, and they demonstrate how “service is the expression of the awakened heart”.