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The Melody of Fairfield

by Delaine Tan (Sec 2E), Lauren Soh (Sec 2E), Daniel Gan (Sec 3A), Kayla Ng (Sec 3B) and Sarah Chan (Sec 3B)

As many may know, singing is one of Fairfield's many traditions - one that brings joy to the school. From singing praises to the Lord to famous pop tunes, the Fairfield Choir demonstrates great passion for all kinds of music and continues to nurture this in our students. This was evident in their concert titled 'Iridescence’.

The Choir members chatted amongst themselves as they stood backstage. They were waiting to go on stage. While every other member of the Choir had butterflies in their stomachs, a particular girl simply could not wait for the concert to begin. She could not help but think that all the hard work that they had put in was coming to fruition! Finally, everyone could soon perform the songs that they had been preparing for months in front of their loved ones. The doors swung open. The Choir members confidently walked out onto the stage, ready to sing their hearts out.

The audience’s attention was immediately captured as the choir began their performance with an uplifting song titled ‘Why We Sing’. Numerous amazing songs such as ‘Hikari Ga (The Light)’ and ‘Just A Single Voice’ were not only beautifully sung but were actually conducted by Fairfield Choir’s very own student conductors, Nathaniel and Kayden.

After a brief intermission, Fairfield Choir came back with even more exciting and wonderful performances. Each level prepared a spectacular rendition of their own, singing songs like ‘Everlasting Melody’ and ‘For Good’ from the famous musical ‘Wicked’. Up next was the last segment ‘Disney Dazzle’. Each choir member donned colourful outfits as they sang popular Disney songs like 'Tale As Old As Time' from the well-known movie ‘Beauty And The Beast’ and ‘Arabian nights’ from the movie 'Aladdin’. With fun actions and an amazing dance break by student conductor Jayden, this mashup became an immediate crowd favourite.

Although the concert was slowly coming to an end, the audience was not ready to leave just yet! With our Principal Mr Wee taking the lead, the audience shouted for an encore at the top of their voices, with many of them clapping passionately. Met with resounding cheers, Fairfield Choir was touched by the enthusiasm from their family and friends. It was a delightful surprise, when emcee Liesl took the stage and conducted one last song ‘When You Believe’ to end the concert. Thunderous applause filled the concert hall as the Fairfield Choir members took their final bows before exiting the stage.

Indeed, ‘Iridescence’ was one of the inspiring highlights of this year for Fairfield! Not only did it fuel the Choir’s love for music, but it also allowed them to showcase their talents. Well done, Fairfield Choir for mesmerising us with your melodious voices and showing that we can indeed flourish as one Fairfield!