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Aspiring to be a 100% Pure and Honest Fairsian

As part of the Sophia Blackmore Leadership Programme, Charlotte Kee from Secondary 3A shared about what it means to be 100% Pure and Honest. This aspiration might seem daunting, but Charlotte hopes that all Fairsians will aspire to become the best versions of themselves. (This speech was delivered in September 2021 during morning assembly.)

Charlotte’s Speech

Good morning Ms Chen, Vice Principals, teachers and fellow Fairsians. I am Charlotte, the Deputy Head of the Student Council. 
Some of you might be wondering about how we can achieve this goal of being 100% pure and honest when we had made many mistakes.

Firstly, being honest may sometimes require sacrifices. For instance, what happens when we spot a miscalculation of marks when we were checking our examination scripts? Do we confess the error which would result in us scoring a lower mark or do we stay silent? For me, I chose to inform my teacher. I am aware that if I did not right the wrong at that moment, then I would have been dishonest. The consequence for this dishonesty will cost so much more than the drop in my grades, as people might no longer place their faith and trust in me.

Being honest is also one way in which we can stay true to ourselves. This means that we will not be easily influenced by others’ actions, and we will not be following the crowd blindly. When we are honest with ourselves, we understand our individual strengths, weaknesses and personalities. As a result, we can resist the urge to conform and become somebody we are not. If you are unsure about yourself, please speak to a trusted adult or reliable friend. These conversations will guide you and help you make better decisions in life. 

Someone whom I look up to as a good example of being pure and honest is my mum! Despite growing up in a single parent family, she has never allowed herself to be negatively influenced just so that she could fit in with others. She is highly independent and always believes in staying true to herself. She often reminds me to think for myself and make my own decisions. She has also scolded me harshly for lying. These occasions really challenged me to consider the kind of person I want to become. 

In conclusion, being 100% pure and honest means always doing the right thing and being true to ourselves. Sometimes, being pure and honest may not yield the best outcome at that particular point, but it is definitely critical in shaping the person whom we are. I hope everyone can aspire and work towards the goal of becoming 100% Pure and Honest. Thank you for listening to my speech!