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Chloe Lee: Nurturing A Passion To Teach

by Ang Jan Tsi (Sec 3F) and Jessie Ng (Sec 4B)
“The teachers here are very caring and passionate,” said Chloe Lee. “And that has definitely grown my passion for learning into an attitude of lifelong learning.”

Chloe Lee graduated from Fairfield Methodist School (Secondary) in 2018. After her GCE A-Level examinations, she decided that teaching was her calling. As such, she came back to FMS(S) as a relief teacher. 

Every teacher who had taught Chloe blessed her with selfless love and care, and she would like to pass it forward to future generations. 

“These teachers ignited the fire in me to similarly reach out and impact the lives of the younger generations,” Chloe exclaimed.

One FMS(S) teacher who had continuously encouraged Chloe was her upper secondary form teacher, Ms Lim Chee Shan. Besides being her chemistry teacher, Ms Lim also taught Chloe numerous life lessons that went beyond the classroom. For example, Ms Lim emphasised on the importance of respect and care for each other. Even after graduation, she continued to look out for her former students including Chloe. 

Chloe’s dream is to be a teacher, but she is more specifically hoping to teach geography. When asked, “Why geography?”, Chloe replied that Mr Wee Guoyuan, her upper secondary pure geography teacher, was the main reason.
Mr Wee’s passion for geography was evident in his classes. His geography lessons were never only about what they needed to learn in the textbook. He would often share broader perspectives about geography and its relation to the world. Mr Wee encouraged Chloe to apply what she had learnt in the geography classroom to her own experiences and perceive these experiences from a geographical viewpoint. Since then, Chloe fell in love with the subject. 

“I also hope to inspire the younger generation to see that Geography is everywhere around us,” Chloe shared, “and to be able to cultivate curiosity in learning.”

Besides her interest in geography, Chloe reflected that she had matured mentally and spiritually as she grew closer to God during her time here in FMS(S). 

“Fairfield has always placed great emphasis on character development, giving me many hands-on opportunities to grow my leadership capabilities and to give back to the community. Most importantly, the Christian environment Fairfield provides allows me to focus on God and to honour Him in all that I do.”

Chloe has definitely grown in personhood during her time in FMS(S). How then can we learn from her terrific example?

She advises her juniors, “I experienced great personal growth as a secondary school student, so I feel most sentimental about the time I spent and the people I met in Fairfield. So to my juniors - cherish the remaining time you have here, and make the most out of it. These are happy memories that are unforgettable.”

That piece of advice will surely ring true for most of us!