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Peer Support Board: A Blessing to Fairfield Secondary

by Kylee Tan (Sec 2D), Joshua Ho (Sec 2E) and Athena Liu (Sec 3E)

Imagine sitting in the classroom for long hours, day after day. Imagine a school life with just that. Wouldn't it be extremely boring and stifling? Thankfully, we have the Peer Support Board (PSB) here in Fairfield Secondary! The PSB takes care of our student community and often organises meaningful events to break the monotony of school life. These interesting activities provide opportunities for students to bond with one another which in turn create a caring and supportive school environment for all Fairsians. 

For one, the PSB set up a Board Games Café before the examination season for students to destress and bond with one another. This was especially helpful for the Secondary One students who were new to the school as they were able to make new friends and foster stronger bonds with their seniors.

Another creative event initiated by the PSB in 2019 was Project Blue Sky. This project aimed to promote cyber wellness, encourage students to reduce the usage of mobile phones, spend more time cultivating better relationships with their friends and family members, and enjoy the simpler things in life such as the blue sky. Project Blue Sky was submitted as part of the PSB’s participation at the NCAC Cyber Wellness Competition in 2019. The judges were thoroughly impressed with the PSB’s initiative and awarded Fairfield Secondary the Gold Medal in this competition.  

The PSB focuses on three domains: social wellness, class cohesion, and mental wellness. Mental wellness has been emphasised on in the PSB’s recent initiatives, especially during this unprecedented COVID-19 year. 

Ever since the imposition of the Circuit Breaker in April 2020, some students have had difficulties coping with the drastic changes. For this year’s Mental Wellness Week, students from the PSB conducted a school wide survey to understand the challenges that each student faced during this period of uncertainties. The PSB then shared their findings with the school during morning assembly and provided the students with various tips on how they can cope with this new normal. Class Chairpersons were also trained to share mental wellness topics with their classmates during Class Contact and Lifeskills lessons.

Even during Home Based Learning, the PSB was still able to come up with innovative ways to foster class bonding as part of the Class of the Year (COTY) programme. For example, each class got to organise a ‘class breakfast’ through zoom before they proceeded to complete the day’s learning tasks. There were also different photo competitions that sought to encourage everyone to keep their class spirit up during this difficult time. 

The PSB's efforts enabled the students and teachers alike to strengthen their bonds. “It was really amazing to see the class unite and complete some rather challenging tasks.” Mr Joel Tan, the form teacher of Secondary 3E, said.

Indeed, the PSB has been a blessing to all in Fairfield. No matter how small or big the PSB projects have been, they have touched each and everyone in the school. Their willingness to try new things and initiate projects to ensure our mental health and well-being are taken care of really makes Fairfield special to so many of us!