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The Importance of Unity as a Fairfield Family

As part of the Voice Of A Fairsian Programme, Benjamin Foo from Secondary 4E shared about the importance of unity especially during this COVID-19 crisis. He was inspired to bring about a greater sense of cohesion in Fairfield Secondary as he hopes that more Fairsians will help one another despite not seeing each other physically in school due to the various safe distancing measures. (This speech was delivered in March 2020 during morning assembly.)

Benjamin’s Speech

Good morning Ms Chen, Vice-Principals, teachers and fellow Fairsians! I am Benjamin Foo from the Student Council. Today, I will be sharing on the importance of building a strong community in Fairfield Secondary.

Community plays an imperative role in every Fairsian’s life. What do I mean by that? The time we spend with our friends and classmates constitute a large portion of our school day. In any given day, we engage in multiple interactions with our friends and in the process forge stronger relations with each other over time.

Now that I have defined and highlighted the foundations of friendship and community, allow me to share with you the significance of establishing a strong community in society. Throughout history, communities exist. From the pre-historic settlements of Mesopotamia to the extensive Roman Empire, social relations have had a strong influence in society. The presence of strong ties between people enables us to work towards a common goal together. With different personalities and working styles, many people can be united by a single collective goal and strive towards a common good. The benefits of being able to work for a common goal together as a community far outweighs that of having to work alone. After all, as the saying goes, “Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much.”

So, why do we need to build a community? In view of the outbreak of the coronavirus, the importance of community has never been clearer. With growing concerns about the severity and widespread impact of COVID-19, all of us must remain united as a student body. In the face of social distress, dilemma and disorder, I would like to implore all students to stand united against the current challenges we face as a school. Building a sense of unity in the face of a virus threat is important because it means that we are willing to support one another as fellow members of the same community. For example, if one of your friends falls ill and is sent home for a day, you as part of the community can help to keep track of his or her assignments, and help him or her to understand the new concepts learnt in class on that day. Besides such tangible support, you can also lend a listening ear and encourage them to journey through challenges. These small steps of showing concern to your peers as part of a community not only demonstrates your personal concern for that person, but strengthens the social relationships and accountability we have for each other in the community. We help each another as members of a unified body. Furthermore, the collective support of multiple members in a community far outweighs the mere actions of concern from a sole individual. Hence, it is imperative that we build a community as it makes us accountable for each other.

Perhaps another reason why we should build a community is that a strong community establishes a positive culture which will last through many batches of Fairsians. One of the four Fairsian outcomes – Commitment to Community – embodies the aforementioned points of why we should build a community. When we work humbly and actively look out for the interest of others, we are establishing a strong culture where we are working proactively for everyone’s well-being and interests. This culture is indeed a unique and prized asset of the Fairfield family.

Henry Ford, an American industrialist and business magnate, once said, “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”

Indeed, staying bonded together as a community propels us towards achieving a future goal and a better future. Besides being accountable to oneself, we must maintain social cohesion amongst fellow Fairsians, and weave a strong community spirit in which all of us are responsible for one another. Indeed, I believe all of us are capable of supporting each other through the COVID-19 pandemic as well as any other hardships and challenges life throws at us. Instead of facing these challenges alone, we must stand united as One Fairfield, One Family to overcome all obstacles.

Thank you for your kind attention!