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The Benefits of Having A House System

As part of the Voice Of A Fairsian Programme, Elizabeth Lim from Secondary 4B focused on explaining the house system that was proposed by the Student Council. The house system aims to create stronger bonds with friends and establish unity as one big Fairfield Family. Through her speech, she hopes to get her fellow students to understand the benefits of having a house system. (This speech was delivered in February 2020 during morning assembly.)

Elizabeth’s Speech

Good morning fellow Fairsians! I'm Elizabeth Lim from Secondary 4B. Today, I will be sharing with you a project that the student councillors and sports leaders have been working on for some time, which is our proposal to start a house system in Fairfield Methodist School (Secondary)!

In this house system, I see a group of students from different backgrounds, different levels and different streams coming together to form a unique common identity.

Are you able to see such a possibility? Right here in Fairfield Secondary?

So you may ask, why should we have a house system? I feel that having a house system helps us to foster stronger relationships amongst everyone in the Fairfield Family. When we are placed in a house, we will get to know other people outside of our own social circle of friends. This gives us the opportunity to step out of our comfort zones to meet new people. A house system will help everyone to have a greater sense of belonging to Fairfield. This is especially so when we attend house meetings, play inter-house games, engage in friendly matches, and participate in cheer competitions. We will develop new friendships and feel a strong sense of belonging to our house and the Fairfield family.

A house system is not just a platform to showcase one’s athletic talents and skills, but is meant to teach us life lessons through the inter-house games. A house system teaches us not only about our commitment to our personal goals, but about everyone’s aspirations in the house.

For those who were from Fairfield Primary, the primary school has a house system with 4 houses, namely Blackmore, Eveland, Martin and Olson. I remember when I was in primary school, every time we had house meetings, we would be assigned to a team. We would gather and play the sport to represent the house during Sports Day. It was really fun to play together as a house, especially the sense of unification and pride we had when our house won a game. In primary school, we chose to practise hard for our team despite our fatigue. We also learnt how to work well with different people. I did not feel sad when my house did not win a game because I saw myself as a member of the house. When the house wins, I win. When the house loses, I lose. I feel that having a house system helped me to learn more about sportsmanship through such memorable experiences. In fact, I can still apply the values of resilience and teamwork that I learnt today.

However, we faced some challenges while planning for the house system. One challenge was that we thought it would be hard to find a common time for every member involved to stay back for house meetings, so we decided to have level meetings instead of trying to get everyone from different levels to attend house meetings. In this way, meetings can be conducted efficiently without much difficulty. In addition, we plan to have meetings once a term rather than on a weekly basis. We also understand that not everyone may want to have a house system which involves only the playing of sports and games. Thus, we considered many other ways for us to earn points for our house, such as through the Humanities Week quiz, banner-making and cheer competitions!

So, are you guys excited about the house system? Stay tuned for more exciting information and booths in future! I hope you guys will now look forward to having a house system! Thank you everyone!