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Taking the Initiative

As part of the Voice Of A Fairsian Programme, Rayner Wan from Secondary 3E encouraged everyone to take the initiative to make the world a better place. Through simple initiatives from the picking up of litter to its proper disposal, he believes that these actions can kick-start a cultural shift and impact the school positively. Through this speech, Rayner hopes to motivate his fellow schoolmates to initiate changes to their daily habits. Rayner commented, “As each of us is a leader in our own way, I see huge transformation potential if we get every Fairsian to embrace it as One Fairfield Family.” (This speech was delivered in August 2020 during morning assembly.)

Rayner’s Speech
Winston Churchill once said, “Success is not final. Failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts.”

Good morning Ms Chen, Vice Principals, Teachers and fellow Fairsians. I am Rayner Wan from Secondary 3E. Today, I hope to encourage all of us to take the initiative to bless the people around us. I will expound on the meaning, power and impact of taking the initiative.

What is initiative? To me, initiative is something that everyone has, regardless of our level, stream or CCA, which I hope to inculcate in every Fairsian as I believe each of us is a leader. All it takes is for us to light a ‘spark’ that will grow into a big, enduring fire, which can then light up the paths of everyone’s lives.

What does taking the initiative mean for you? Although taking the initiative may take different forms for each of us, it all boils down to taking the first step and making a change when no one is looking. We should take action with a genuine heart because we want to do it and not because we have to do it. That is the essence of initiative. As Confucius once said, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with taking the first step.”

The power of taking the initiative is remarkable. It can kick-start powerful chain reactions that will have lasting impacts for our school through the simplest of actions.

You can start by just picking up a piece of litter on the ground or stopping to help a fellow schoolmate who fell down to stand up and pick up his or her belongings. These are small actions that will make Fairfield a more caring, considerate and inclusive society for all of us. In fact, many Fairsians have taken the initiative to bless others. For example, Ethan Ng from Secondary 3E bought plastic bottles for his whole class voluntarily so that the class can use them for a Physics Project. Also, Cadets Ian Tan from Sec 1A, Zayna Ng from Sec 2C and Carmen Leong from Sec 2E signed up voluntarily for CCA trainings so that they could continue to train and keep themselves fit, so as to better prepare our CCA members for future inter-school competitions. Such exemplary Fairsians took the initiative to step out of their comfort zones and take the first step without anyone telling them to do so. I believe that there are many other Fairsians out there who may have also taken their first steps. Thus I would like to continue encouraging all of us to keep going, take action, and be selfless!!!

In this quest, people might doubt you, question your intentions and criticise your actions, but I urge all of you to stand tall and continue to fight for what you believe in, so that we can make our school a better place for everyone to be in. All of you have the power to foster change, so let us all keep an open mind and be ready to take action, contribute and make a difference!

Now, I would like to urge everyone listening, to just pause and think about one small action that you can initiate right now, and be resolute to make this change!

One example will be to honour and show respect to the people around us. Respect can be demonstrated through simply listening to instructions and following them. Respect can also be shown when we acknowledge someone for their actions, like how we come together as one nation to appreciate our frontline workers this National Day. Let's show this same respect and gratitude that we have for our frontline workers in our school. We can take the initiative to greet not only our teachers, but also our school staff and our fellow Fairsians. Make this our daily habit! Let us make our school a place ‘where all the world is bright and where love is in the sunshine.’

Continue to be pro-active to stand up, volunteer and make a difference when something goes wrong. Imagine a world where everyone takes the initiative to create a warmer, friendlier and more supportive environment in Fairfield.

So, what are you waiting for? We need you to stand together in this new journey. Stop procrastinating, stop self-doubt and stop fearing challenges. Let us take this very first step together. Through conviction and perseverance, we can do anything! As India’s independence leader Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world!”

Thank You.