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To Infinity and Beyond for Our 2019 Graduating Cohort

by: Melody Tham (Sec 4E)

“Have you used your time wisely? How will you henceforth improve yourself?”

A group of students gathered in the lecture theatre. They were fidgeting in anxious anticipation. On any other day, a gathering during the December holidays would see students in a sluggish stupor. However, the space was thrummed with energy. And it was no wonder why – today was the release of the 2019 GCE N–Level examination results!

Beyond the nervous energy, students from Secondary 4G and 4H exchanged smiles of encouragement. Their parents were also present, patting their children’s backs to reassure and support them. Ms Chen then gave a speech to the cohort as the students reflected on their journey and imagined what their future would bring.

On 13 January 2020, their fellow batchmates found themselves in the same position.

The 2019 O-Level batch of students assembled at the Chen Su Lan Hall. They were joined by the 2020 graduating cohort. The sense of trepidation in the hall was palpable. However, before the students received their individual results, the outstanding all round students were called to the stage. These were students who had excelled in their CCAs and achieved an L1R5 score of 10 points or less at the GCE O-Level examinations.

Some were pleasantly surprised.

Shanice Kwok said, “When I got my own results, I was elated! I definitely didn’t expect to get an L1R5 score of 6 points. No words can describe how grateful I was. I was just really glad that my effort was reflected in my results.” 

Nitya Ramasamy shared a similar sentiment.

“After seeing my name on the screen, I was delighted as my results had far exceeded my expectations.”

Others, like Noah Grigoroff, had a more delayed reaction of joy.

“I felt a strange kind of nothing. Almost no joy, pride, fear, or anything. Everything about it felt matter-of-fact, as if going onstage was just a procedure. It was only in the coming days that I began to process the joy...”

His unconventional response to the good news was perhaps to be expected.

Noah was never one to follow the norm, choosing to pursue his creative passions by taking up the Art Elective Programme and joining Fairfield Drama, all while writing original and engaging poetry and short stories.

Cheers erupted from the crowd as everyone congratulated Noah and the other students who had walked in wisdom’s ways throughout their years here at Fairfield Secondary.

Finally, the long-awaited moment arrived! With jelly-like legs, these students walked up to their teachers, one by one, to receive their GCE O-Level examination results slips. There were cheers and there were tears. While some had exceeded or met their own expectations, some had fallen short of their targets. It was heartwarming to see many Fairsians looking out for each other and blessing each other with sincere words of encouragement and companionship.

As the graduates walked out of the school, results in hand, they reminisced about the nostalgic memories shared and bonds forged within these blue-and-yellow walls. Regardless of how they had performed academically, one thing was certain: all of them knew that Fairfield was a home where they learnt to walk in wisdom’s ways. Indeed, Fairfield Secondary has prepared them well to face all future challenges that await them.