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Perseverance Pays Off for Cherie Ng

“Don’t give up even when you don’t know what lies ahead.”

These were Cherie’s first words when asked about her advice for the 2020 batch of Secondary 4 and 5 students.

After all, it was her hard work and perseverance that proved to be crucial to her all-round achievements during her time in Fairfield Secondary.

Described by her subject teachers as a diligent and self-motivated student, Cherie Ng from Secondary 4A 2019 applied these principles to both the academic and non-academic aspects of her secondary school life.

An avid volleyball player, Cherie demonstrated resilience and willpower to help the Fairfield Volleyball team to emerge as Champion at the National School Games South Zone Volleyball Championships in 2019, and clinch second place at the Active SG Singapore Youth Olympics Festival in 2018. She also explored areas for personal development by joining the Trip for International Experience to Taipei in 2018. This allowed her to garner cross-cultural experiences and gave her new perspectives and a broader world view.

Beyond these external successes, Cherie also possesses outstanding character and leadership qualities.

A pleasant and likeable individual, she got along well with and showed genuine care and concern for her peers. In fact, Cherie’s consistent demonstration of good character and values enabled her to receive the Ministry of Education Edusave Character Award in 2016. This, coupled with her earlier sporting achievements, paved the way for her to be appointed as Head Sports Leader in 2018.

Not content with simply serving the people around her, she went further to participate in various Values-In-Action projects that impacted the community.

In 2017, she spent much time serving as a volunteer at the ASEAN Games. She also took part in the student initiated Values-In-Action project at FaithActs Centre in 2019, where she patiently worked with children and was adaptable in making the necessary adjustments to programmes according to these children’s needs.

Cherie is also very grateful to the people around her for their support. In particular, she credited her teachers and family members for helping her pull through and persevere through tough times.

“I am very grateful to all my teachers who put in so much time and effort to ensure that I thoroughly understood my work. I am also really thankful to my family and friends. Their unwavering support and encouraging words motivated me to overcome various obstacles along the way.”

On the day she received her GCE O-Level examination results, Cherie recalls feeling extremely nervous.

“I was feeling really anxious on the day itself as I was worried I might disappoint my loved ones if I didn’t perform well.”

Fortunately, she was in for a pleasant surprise when she found out that she had scored an L1R5 of below 10 points for her GCE O-Level examinations.

“I was ecstatic! The result really motivated me, as it confirmed that my hard work had paid off.”

If the upcoming GCE O-Level examinations seem like an insurmountable task, remember to heed Cherie’s advice. Hard work and perseverance always pays off in the end!