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Jamie’s Scientific Formula for Academic and Leadership Success

Jamie Khoo of Secondary 4E 2019 is no stranger to Science.

She discovered her interest for the Science subjects when she was selected to participate in the Junior Chemistry Olympiad and Singapore Science and Engineering Fair. She then had the golden opportunity to hone her aptitude and interest in Science when she participated in the prestigious Science Programme for Education of Aspiring Researchers in 2018.

With her highly inquisitive nature, it is no surprise that she credits her stellar performance at the GCE O-Level examinations to the consultations and discussions she had with her teachers and peers.

“They allowed me to clarify my doubts and clear any misconceptions so that I could learn from my mistakes. I would also ask my friends challenging questions so we could learn together. Having this shared optimism helped us to improve our grades.”

Similar to her field of interest, it is clear that Jamie strives for equilibrium in her interactions with students and teachers alike.

During her time in Fairfield Secondary, Jamie had the opportunity to take on various leadership positions such as Class Chairperson in 2017, Head Community Student Leader in 2018, and Orientation Group Leader in 2019, in addition to her role as Head Librarian and Sectional Leader in the Fairfield Symphonic Band. All these opportunities enabled her to hone her impressive ability to maintain a delicate balance between getting along with and commanding the respect of her peers.  

Having such a myriad of commitments meant that Jamie had to adopt effective time management habits.

“I try to ensure that I get sufficient sleep so that I can complete my duties efficiently and concentrate well in class. This allows me to spend less time trying to revise materials that I learnt previously in class.”

She also took an integrated perspective to her CCAs, seeing it as a way to blend both work and play. 

 “As I enjoyed being part of the Fairfield Symphonic Band, CCA training was a time for me to de-stress. This included the countless practices and sectionals we had together. Planning and hosting activities with other Community Student Leaders also allowed me to enjoy myself and encourage myself to study hard.”

However, it was still important for her to carve out time to relax.

“I tried to alleviate my stress by listening to music or playing phone games as I am usually unable to think clearly when I become too anxious. This ultimately allowed me to save time and helped me to juggle my duties and studies.”

When asked if she had any advice for the 2020 batch of graduating class students, she emphasised the need for smart goal setting and personal discipline.

“Set realistic goals that can motivate you to achieve them, but don’t be too hard on yourself or compare your progress with other people. Start your revision early, and focus more on your progress rather than the outcome.”

She also highlighted the importance of grit and perseverance.

“Try to push yourself even if you don’t feel motivated to study. Remember that your effort will pay off, so keep moving forward.”

In the mould of a true servant leader, her closing piece of advice was to look beyond oneself.

“Finally, do encourage your friends and classmates, and help each other out.”

Even as we continue studying hard in preparation for our examinations, let’s not forget to reach out and help our friends.  We might just learn something new along the way!