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Our Stories

100% Pure and Honest

Encouraging the Heart

Fiona Chang: Challenging the Process

Agnieszka Song: What it Takes to be a Leader

Jermaine Tan: Taking 100% Responsibility

Sec 4 FLEX Week

Sec 3 FLEX Week

Sec 2 FLEX Week

Nathaniel Josiah Tang: Leading and Inspiring by Example

Angel Ling: A True Sense of Belonging

Chloe Lee: Nurturing A Passion To Teach

Thum Fu Hang’s Sacrificial Path to Excellence

Tenacity and Focus Key to Sarah Tan's Success

Liesl, An(n) Astounding Achiever

Cheryl Teo’s Path to Distinction

Friends and Family—Elizabeth Ng’s Secret to Success

Cheng Wei’s Successful Journey to the Top

Peer Support Board: A Blessing to Fairfield Secondary

Speak Up With Confidence – Voice Of A Fairsian Programme

Blessed to be in Fairfield – Eugene Lek’s Path to Success