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A Dazzling Dinner to Remember

by Chloe Chua (Sec 3E)

Just when Pharaoh strutted into the warm embrace of the elegant atrium, an arm reached out and grabbed him by the sleeve. Snap!

A photograph was taken at the photo booth, and Pharaoh turned to meet the smiling eyes of his closest colleagues. 

They say that the fondest memories are made when people are gathered around the table. Indeed, a hundred and thirty is no small sum! What better way to celebrate Fairfield's extensive influence than to hold a celebratory dinner? 

Peter Ho, CEO of Hope Technik and ex-Fairsian reflected, "I think being able to catch up with old friends and teachers is something that's very special, as we are able to meet up with the teachers who scolded us many years ago and honestly thank them for the great education they gave us."

The dinner wasn’t held solely for catching up with old companions, though.

Do you recall two highly-acclaimed National Day Parade theme songs ‘Reach Out for the Skies’ and ‘One Singapore’? Well, guess what? Award-winning composer Ms Elaine Chan is an ex-Fairsian herself! That night, she attended the dinner, and managed to wow Fairsians young and old with an astounding performance! 

The excitement doesn’t stop there. 

Dr Koh Poh Koon, Senior Minister of Trade and Industry and Fairfield’s Guest-of-Honour of the night was present to address the night’s guests. He remarked, “At the 130th anniversary today, I want to wish Fairfield many more good years ahead. I hope that the students who pass through the gates of Fairfield will remember the values they are taught, and return to contribute back to the school and continue to bring the school to greater heights. More importantly, I hope they will continue to influence those around them to do good, and do more for the country.”

As the last course was served, Fairsians past and present lingered about, chatting and capturing photos. 

There's a famous saying that goes, “Families that eat together stay together.” This is all too true for the Fairfield family. Don't you agree?