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Carnival Chronicles: Edition 3 - Alumni Allegiance

by Phoebe Tan and Chloe Chua (Sec 3E)

Here's an idea:

This coming Teacher's Day, gather a group of friends, and work together to move your favourite (or least favourite) teacher's beloved car from its spot in the parking lot to the middle of the school field!

How's that for an epic Teacher's Day hoax?

Sounds too surreal? Believe it or not, decades ago, this very prank was executed right on Fairfield’s very own soil! 

Desmond, who was from the Class of 1989, heartily recounted this escapade, as he was a member of the group who executed the plan.

Desmond and his friends returned for Carnival@Fairfield, an event which allowed alumnus of all ages to visit their beloved alma mater.

A queue formed in front of the merchandise stall, and another in front of the photo booth. Laughter filled the air, as many generations of Fairsians gathered in Fairfield in nostalgic remembrance of the memorable activities they had in this very school. 

“Remember when…?” The chatter continued incessantly.

The past century has been kind to Fairfield, and in turn, the school has, undoubtedly, positively impacted countless lives. 

“I’m really glad to be a part of Fairfield’s 130th birthday and a part of Fairfield’s history and future too.” Gina Tan, a Fairsian from the 2007 batch reminisced, “I was in Fairfield Netball and Student Council during my time in Fairfield, and what I remembered most fondly was the friends I had made here. We still keep in contact with each other, and with our teachers too, even after graduating from Fairfield.”

When asked about his wish for Fairfield, Desmond replied, “My hope is that the current principals and vice principals will bring the school to the next level by continuing the good work they have been doing.”

“Even in the next decade, I hope that Fairfield continues to remain at the same place, and hold the same charm and warmth!” Mr Goh Sheow En, a Fairsian and former teacher of Fairfield Primary reflected. His wife, Ms Joy Sim, a Fairsian herself, added, “My daughter is going to be enrolled in Fairfield in future!”