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Katelyn Lim -- A Conscientious and Determined Student

Katelyn is a diligent and attentive student who follows her teachers' instructions closely. She is prompt in submitting assignments which are neat and of high quality. A steady and consistent worker, Katelyn displays great determination and fortitude in achieving the high targets she set for herself. Furthermore, Katelyn is always willing to lend a helping hand to her classmates, which demonstrates her commitment to her community. For her exemplary conduct, Katelyn received the Best Conduct Award in 2015 and 2016. 

Though Katelyn was enrolled in the Secondary 1 Normal (Academic) stream with a PSLE T Score of 199 in 2014, she displayed great perseverance and tenacity in her studies, which enabled her to do well enough to be promoted to the Secondary 2 Express stream in 2015. Exhibiting great courage and a never-say-die attitude, Katelyn took on and conquered the challenge of being in the triple science stream from 2016 to 2017, as she achieved a highly commendable L1R5 of less than 10 points. 

In recognition of her hard work in achieving very good results, Katelyn received the Edusave Scholarship Award in 2014, 2016 and 2017. Furthermore, she received book prizes for attaining the top position in Mathematics, Geography and Art in 2014. Katelyn also participated in the Singapore Mathematics Olympiad Competition, Chemistry Olympiad Competition and National Junior College Mathematics Challenge in 2017. 

(a) How did you feel when you collected your results?

I was thankful as I witnessed how far God has brought me through the many challenges to enable me to get decent results. When my name was mentioned amongst the list of students who achieved an L1R5 of less than 10 points, I felt a sense of euphoria and relief. It is irrefutable that hard work beats talent! 

(b) Are there any key people whom you owe your success to?

Firstly, I'm so thankful that God placed me in the Normal (Academic) stream in Secondary 1 as it shaped me to become who I am today. In my Secondary 1 class, God blessed me with caring teachers who constantly encouraged me to keep pressing on and never give up. I would like to specially thank Miss Trixie Chan and Mr Teo Kian Wee for patiently guiding Secondary 1G of 2014 and for helping us to grow in personhood! 

Furthermore, all my Secondary 4 teachers including Miss Tan Li Jun, Miss Wong Bei Shi, Mdm Toh Siew Lan, Mrs Terri Teo, Mr Joseph Guo, Mr Wee Guo Yuan and Mr Patrick Kho made their lessons so enjoyable and memorable. I am indeed deeply grateful to have had such caring teachers who made my Secondary 4 journey so meaningful.

My family members were also so encouraging whenever I did not meet the targets that I set for myself. Their constant motivation spurred me to continue running the race and never give up.

(c) How did you manage your time to make such significant academic improvement in FMS(S) while juggling with other commitments like your CCA?

I learnt to prioritise my tasks well by completing work that needed to be done first. I also always tried to find time to complete my homework as quickly as possible so that I would not have to burn the midnight oil. For instance, when common tests or examinations were approaching, my group of netballers would gather around to help one another before our training session so that we could complete as much work as possible, thus making us stronger together. 

(d) Do you have any advice for the 2018 batch of Secondary 4 and 5 students?

A sagacious man once said, “A person has two hands - one for helping himself and the other for helping others.” Indeed, it is of paramount importance that we help one another strive to become God’s best version of ourselves! Create and share your notes with each other! When you are committed to helping your community, everyone becomes academically more competent, as your friends will learn from your wisdom and you get to revise and reinforce your understanding of the different topics! Isn't that killing two birds with one stone? 

Furthermore, do not neglect your health. Have sufficient sleep and eat well, so that your body can be in the best condition during this arduous journey. All the best for your examinations! You can do it!