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Sec 4 and 5 Thanksgiving Service 2017: A Time to Give Thanks

by Sarah Simon (Sec 4F)

29 September 2017 was a special day for the Secondary 4 and 5 students. They celebrated the culmination of their journey in Fairfield with the annual Thanksgiving Service, which was held in the Chen Su Lan Hall. It was a time to look back at the many significant and fond moments they experienced and to give thanks for their time in Fairfield. 

The service began with an awe-inspiring speech delivered by the 2017 Head Councillor, Jethro Heng of 4E. He spoke about how he overcame his insecurities of speaking in front of a large audience and was appreciative of the affirmation and support from his peers and teachers throughout his Fairfield journey.

Mr Joel Loke then led the staff and students in a rousing time of worship and praise to thank God for His blessings on the school. Following that, two students, Samuel Wong of 4A and Faith Chan of 4B, took to the stage to testify of God’s goodness to them in their Fairfield journey and spoke about how they had been so richly blessed in Fairfield. Afterwards, a tear-jerking testimony was delivered by a parent, Mrs Esther Chan, who spoke about how God had changed her life and why she decided to volunteer in Fairfield. Truly, it was a very emotional time. Misty-eyed students were spotted wiping away their tears as they could relate to the nostalgic experiences shared through these testimonies.

Our Principal Ms Audrey Chen then delivered a captivating speech on how she persisted with growing a multitude of plants, even though it seemed as if all hope had been lost for some. This message indeed resonated with the graduating cohort, that only through hard work and dedication would their efforts bear fruit in whatever they do, including their preparation for the GCE O- and N-Level examinations.

A Prize-Giving Ceremony was then held in recognition of students’ CCA achievements and those who had demonstrated a heart of service for the community. Finally, the service came to a close with a surprise performance by our Fairfield teachers. Several Secondary 4 and 5 teachers came on stage to sing an original song written by one of Fairfield’s own teachers, Mr Wee Guo Yuan, to encourage the graduating cohort and bid their sincerest farewell to them.

Indeed, it was truly a memorable day for the students as they recounted all the good times they had throughout their Fairfield journey. It was also an unforgettable day as students thanked God for all He had done for them.