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Interview with Sandy Goh (Sec 4B 2014), an MOE Teaching Award Recipient

As an ex-student of Fairfield Methodist School (Secondary), Sandy was highly self-motivated, diligent, and driven by a spirit of excellence to produce quality work each time. A patient and considerate friend, she was exemplary in her conduct and speech, and was a positive influence among her peers. 

Besides being an active Student Councillor, she was a dedicated member of the Girls’ Brigade. Her good leadership qualities and positive attributes enabled her to be chosen as the Chairperson of the Girls’ Brigade Company from 2013 to 2014. During her stay with the company, she contributed actively to the company’s achievements in various events and competitions. In 2014, she was awarded the prestigious Pioneer Brigadier’s Brooch which is the highest local award given to an outstanding and deserving member of the Girls’ Brigade. 

What inspired you to take up the MOE Teaching Award?

One thing I wanted to do was to make a difference to the people around me. I was offered this opportunity when I was asked to return to Fairfield to work as a relief teacher. That was when I made my choice to apply for the MOE Teaching Award. During these five months, I really developed a deeper appreciation of my teachers as well as an understanding of the role of an educator. Teaching is certainly not an easy job as it requires a lot of effort, patience and tenacity but at the end of my journey, I felt that it was one of the most rewarding experiences one could have. It allowed me to see that I could make a huge difference in the lives of others.

Tell me about some teachers from Fairfield who have made an impact on you.

I think Fairfield is extremely blessed to have such dedicated and encouraging teachers. 

I would like to thank Ms Charlotte Belcher as she instilled a love for Literature in me through her engaging and enriching lessons. Her humour always made lessons something to look forward to and her faith in her students’ potential was what motivated me to do well in the subject. 

Mdm Toh Siew Lan was one of the best form teachers I had ever met. She encouraged and motivated all of us and never gave up on any student. Her tough love on us really brought my class together and inspired me to do the same as a teacher. 

Furthermore, my Girls’ Brigade and Student Council teachers showed me the importance of teaching and nurturing students beyond the classroom. I would like to especially thank Ms Joanna Lim, Ms Yee Minyi and Ms Liza who were especially encouraging and went the extra mile to care and reach out to their students. 

I am also grateful to Ms Audrey Chen, Ms Tan Sor Tin and Mr Joseph Guo for giving me the chance to discover teaching as a career in Fairfield. I am also extremely thankful to all the teachers in the English and Literature Department, especially Ms Brenda Nio, Ms Tan Wei Min and Mr Alvin Chua, as they nurtured and guided me during my stint as a relief teacher.  

How has your active involvement in the Girls’ Brigade in Fairfield influenced and nurtured you to become the person you are now? 

During my time in the Girls’ Brigade 3rd Company, I certainly learnt a lot through participating in the weekly devotions, drill sessions, recreational time, annual camps and national events. I became more disciplined, picked up new skills and gained some of my best friends. 

I was also extremely honoured to be given the opportunity to step up and serve as a leader in my company as the Chairperson. I learnt how to manage a team, to communicate effectively and to take responsibility for the decisions made. It was through this experience and journey that I got to come out of my shell and more importantly grow in faith through the challenging times of balancing school work and CCA commitments.

What advice would you give to the current students at Fairfield?

Be tenacious and never give up because all of you have a lot of potential to succeed. Don’t be afraid to take up opportunities and rise to the occasion when you are given the chance to because they will help shape you as a person beyond your studies. All the best and God bless all of you!