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Fairfield Celebrates Singapore’s 52nd Birthday

by Jamie Tan (Sec 1E), Edryss Sim (Sec 1E) and Joie Lim (Sec 3B)

Fairfield celebrated Singapore’s 52nd birthday on 8 August 2017. To commemorate this important occasion, both students and teachers of Fairfield were swathed in red and white. This year’s theme ‘#OneNationTogether’ symbolises our nation’s strength in social unity and
multicultural harmony. 

The National Day Parade kicked off with the impressive Uniformed Groups (UGs) marching in and displaying their magnificent coordination together as well as with the instrumental parade music played by the Fairfield Symphonic Band. This certainly left all Fairfield staff and students encircling the half netball court in awe. 

Our Principal, Ms. Audrey Chen then shared the National Day message and proudly presented the various unit and individual awards to the respective UGs and students for their outstanding achievements. The Fairfield Dance also joined in this memorable occasion by enthralling everyone with their mesmerisingly stunning and coordinated dance moves, leaps and twirls across the parade square, effectively turning it into their dance floor. 

The students and teachers also got to enjoy entertaining and meaningful skits and dances put up by selected Secondary Three classes in the Chen Su Lan Hall. The audience was indeed impressed by the creativity of the students in innovating and using interesting props from recycled materials in their performances. 

The Community Student Leaders also organised quizzes to put the general knowledge of our home country to the test. They played nostalgic tunes and engaged the student body by taking them down memory lane. Egged on by the attractive prizes that were up for grabs, many students enthusiastically volunteered to answer the questions. It reminded us that Singapore did not have much but we treasured whatever little, precious resources we had and worked hard to create the modern, prosperous and harmonious city we call home today. 

In seeking the quickest hands and accurate answers, two teacher-student teams were formed to compete in a game of ‘Buzzer Bomb’. Participants were encouraged by the audience to identify various locations in Singapore using a series of cropped photographs on the screen.

As with other years’ celebrations, a key highlight was the precision drill performance by Fairfield’s NCC (Land). Having honed their skills to perfection, members performed their routine to an audience that simply went wild from the moment they appeared on stage. They executed their rifle drills in a complex series of motions with flawless coordination, and stunned the school into silence with their spinning rifles, such that the only audible sound was the booms and bangs of their boots and rifles against the floor. All these performances were then met with a rousing applause.

To end off the day, students from Secondary 4F held a sing-along session. They chose classic songs such as ‘Home’ and ‘Stand Up For Singapore’. Linking their arms and swaying to the music, the rest of the school followed suit. It was certainly a sight to behold and one that filled the audience with a sense of overwhelming patriotism. 
We thank God for His faithfulness to Singapore and for seeing us through the past 52 years. As future leaders of Singapore, let us come together as one to make Singapore a better place. Happy National Day!