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A Nostalgic Founder’s Day Dinner 2017

by Chloe Chua (Sec 2E) 

Fairfield celebrated her 129th anniversary on 4 August 2017 with a sumptuous dinner at Singapore Marriot Tang Plaza Hotel. The event saw Fairfield’s generations of alumni and teachers coming together to celebrate God’s faithfulness towards Fairfield.   

Prior to the dinner, both staff and alumni members caught up with one another in light-hearted chatter. Many did not miss the chance to grab their own memento of this event through the photo booth and the souvenir booth, which were situated just outside the ballroom. 

In line with this year’s Founder’s Day Dinner theme ‘Nostalgia’, a Kacang Puteh stand was set up within the venue where anyone who either posted a fond memory on or liked the Fairfield Alumni Facebook page was entitled to free Kacang Puteh served in paper cone. Old-school games, such as the conventional pick-up sticks, five stones and kuti kuti, were placed at each table. This allowed all to reminisce fondly about their childhood, which brought about a sense of sentimentality. Furthermore, the best-dressed competition enticed many to put in much time and effort to dress nostalgically. In order to win over the judges and the audience, the selected candidates put on an exhilarating performance which made this Founder’s Day dinner much more memorable. 

Mr Vincent Chia was also invited to lead the worship session, where praise and glory were given to God for His unwavering love and continued guidance in seeing Fairfield through the last 129 years. Thereafter, dinner served as a platform for all to interact and bond with one another. With the cake-cutting and the singing of the school song and hymn, the sense of school pride was evident as everyone joined in for a wonderful time of music and dance led by Fairfield’s school leaders. 

Indeed, this event reignited the spark of school pride and fond memories of Fairfield. The sense of unity was indeed palpable as everyone present joined in as one people to celebrate Fairfield’s 129th birthday!