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Making Every Secondary 3 Student A Blessing to the Community

by Debbie Kang (Sec 3F)

Fairfield is enthusiastic about developing students to have a heart of service for the community. With this in mind, this year’s Secondary 3 Fairfield Learning EXperience (FLEX) Week from 2 to 5 May 2017 gave students the opportunity to be involved in projects so as to be a blessing to the community. 

At the beginning of term 2, students were split into groups and tasked to find a cause that they were passionate about, to conceptualise, plan, and execute their own Values-In-Action (VIA) programme. The students embarked on their projects excitedly. Many displayed the value of resilience and continued to find and contact other Voluntary Welfare Organisations (VWOs) even when they were rejected by their preferred VWO. 

Many students did extensive research on the needs of the community and angled their activities to better suit their target groups. While a group of students devoted their efforts to giving out brochures for the Children’s Cancer Foundation on the streets and getting members of the public to write encouraging notes to these children, others helped out at Willing Hearts Soup Kitchen, preparing and delivering food packets to beneficiaries islandwide. Some groups of students also opted to be a blessing to nursing homes by organising activities such as balloon sculpting and simple stretching exercises for the elderly. 

Through these meaningful activities, students learnt to lead, plan and organise activities for those in greater need than themselves. In seeing how even those who are physically challenged can remain optimistic and joyful, students learnt to show compassion and empathy to others. 

All in all, this year’s FLEX Week was nothing short of an eye-opening experience. Fairsians learnt a lot more about the different needs of the community and how they can meet those needs. In addition, they learnt many values such as teamwork and the importance of stepping out of their comfort zones to successfully achieve the end goal of blessing the community.