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Appreciating the Arts during the Secondary 1 FLEX Week

by Nadia Lo (Sec 1A), Ng Qian Yih (Sec 1A), Janelle Pow (Sec 1E) and Averil Kan (Sec 1E)

The theme for the Secondary One FLEX Week 2017 was ‘Expressions’, where students had the unique opportunity to experience and appreciate four different art forms, namely the Visual arts, Music, Dance and Theatre. 

Originating from Indonesia, Gamelan music is created by percussive instruments like gongs and metallophones. Students were given the chance to try out these different instruments and perform a wide variety of songs with help from the instructor. Students certainly enjoyed the experience of working together as a team to create music using these unique musical instruments. 

Next was the Sculpture Walk, where students gained a fresh perspective on sculptures often seen in Singapore. This enriching experience enabled them to better appreciate sculptures such as ‘Breathe’, ‘Abundance III’ and ‘Rain Oculus’. 

Dancing to the catchy rhythm of the music and energetically following the steps, students were delighted to learn the Bhangra dance, which is a celebratory harvest dance usually performed by men during festivals. Though some students were shy at first, they gradually found the dance surprisingly fun, as they were given the opportunity to showcase their talent and enthusiasm for the Indian culture, while dancing to the Bhangra remix of Ed Sheeran’s ‘Shape of You’. The Bhangra dance was indeed an enjoyable form of exercise.

Students were also fortunate to enjoy a spectacular showcase of face-changing art by an accomplished and well-known face-changing expert. Everyone was enthralled by the speed and skill in which he changed the masks on his face. This entertaining and educational performance enabled the students to learn about the significance of each face mask. 

Vijayalakshmi Mohan, a Rangoli master who broke the record for the largest Rangoli in Singapore, came to Fairfield to teach us the Indian art of Rangoli. All students had the unique opportunity to create beautiful and innovative multi-coloured rangoli with much assistance from Mr. Vijay himself.

The making of the Chinese Cultural mask was an enjoyable activity for students which required the use of imagination and art skills. Though the instructor personally did a sample for the students, the process of imagining what we wanted our masks to look like was not easy. However, this challenge allowed students to foster better understanding amongst each other and discover their hidden artistic talents.

Next, the students were able to fulfil their dream of visiting the National Museum of Singapore. Students got to appreciate many artefacts from the past and gain a better understanding of Singapore’s rich history through their knowledgeable tour guide. 

All in all, the Secondary One FLEX Week succeeded in instilling a love for the Arts amongst students, as the variety of interesting activities stoked their creativity and enabled them to bond as a class.