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A Scintillating Second Fairfield Games Day

by Debbie Kang Ruo Xuan (Sec 3F)

Fairfield Methodist School (Secondary) held its annual Games Day on 13 April 2017. In line with the Healthy Lifestyle Week, Fairfield Games Day focused not only on class bonding and teamwork, but on promoting the importance of fitness through various fun and engaging activities. The day started off with the Secondary 2, 4 and 5 students assembling at Anglo Chinese Junior College (ACJC) for their 2.4 kilometre run while the Secondary 1 and 3 students gathered at FMS(S) to engage in a series of exciting games.

As students awaited the start of the Fairfield Games Day, the sense of excitement was palpable. Some students also took the opportunity to put on face paint as they prepared to cheer their classmates on during the games. Every game was definitely thrilling, as students pitted their skills against one another while their classmates supported them enthusiastically.

The values of perseverance and unity were evident in every game as many students readily volunteered to participate in the games and did their best in every activity despite feeling tired. A strong sense of camaraderie and class spirit was evident, as the students encouraged their classmates all the time. Sportsmanship was also displayed when the teams that lost congratulated the winners after each game. 

The cold drinks and snacks like hot dogs and milo ice-cream sold by the Parents-In-Education (PIE) volunteers were definitely a welcome sight for many students who participated wholeheartedly in each activity. The prize-presentation ceremony was certainly the most highly anticipated segment of the day. The wave of exuberance in the hall was clearly evident when the top three classes of each level were announced.

All in all, the Fairfield Games Day was truly a memorable and fun experience, as everyone bonded more closely with their classmates through a variety of enthralling activities. It was certainly a fitting end to the Healthy Lifestyle Week.