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Viridis Ma, A Conscientious and Committed Leader

Viridis is a hardworking and conscientious student who is committed to giving her best in all her assigned tasks. She sets high targets for herself and is motivated to achieve them. As the Head of the Girls’ Brigade, she did the school proud by leading the unit to achieve the Silver Award in 2016. Viridis also motivated her peers and maintained the unit’s discipline with her leadership qualities. 

How did you feel when you collected your results?

I was definitely surprised as my GCE O-Level examination results exceeded my expectations.

Are there any key people whom you owe your success to?

In short, I am thankful to my friends who were always there for me even though we might not be in the same class, my classmates who made lessons more enjoyable, my teachers who patiently guided me through the syllabus as well as in character development, my family members who trusted me and lastly, God who provided me with an amazing four years in Fairfield.

How did you manage your time between your commitment towards your studies and holding key appointments in your CCAs?

Always think positive! In the beginning, it was quite overwhelming to juggle both my studies and CCA. But with a positive attitude, I began seeing every ‘chore’ as an opportunity to learn and grow. With that in mind, planning for GB camps or studying for an upcoming test became less suffocating. Additionally, I usually set deadlines for myself to keep track of the work that I had to complete, and the student diary really helped me a lot in this aspect!

Do you have any advice for the 2017 batch of Secondary 4/5 students?

The struggle of preparing for the GCE O-Level examinations is real but do not be disheartened. Just do your best! Try to understand unfamiliar topics rather than memorise them. Also, study as thoroughly as possible for your common tests and mid-year examinations as only part of your syllabus will be tested, so that by the time you take your preliminary examinations, you will be able to practise your answering techniques rather than struggle to recall the contents of every topic.

Last but not least, learn to relax and stay healthy! Spending quality time with your friends and family members, exercising and watching your favourite shows will definitely be beneficial to both your health and your studies.

You can do it!