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Our Collective Spirit to ‘Fight This Virus and Win’

06 May 2020
But we’ll be together through thick and the thin As one country we’ll fight this virus and win

Stemming the Spread of the Virus

05 May 2020
Don't forget to take your textbooks home! You’ll never know when Full Home Based Learning will take place!

Katelyn Lim: Blessed to Be A Blessing to the Community

05 May 2020
“Give your best in everything you do,” Katelyn Lim advised. “But never become proud when success comes your way.”

A Multi-Ethnic Medley to Bless the Community

05 March 2020
24 January 2020 marked Fairfield’s annual Multi-Ethnic Celebrations (MEC) to commemorate the diversity...

Keeping Time - How Eugene Lek Found His Rhythm in Excelling Holistically

04 March 2020
“Don't start studying only two weeks before the examinations. At the same time, don’t work so hard until you experience...

To Infinity and Beyond for Our 2019 Graduating Cohort

19 February 2020
"Have you used your time wisely? How will you henceforth improve yourself?” A group of students gathered in the lecture theatre...

“Not all who wander are lost” -- Noah Grigoroff of Sec 4B 2019 finds success off the beaten track

18 February 2020
“I felt a strange kind of nothing. Almost no joy, pride, fear, or anything. Everything about it felt matter-of-fact...

Igniting the Passion in Every Secondary One Student

12 February 2020
“Fairfield, power power!” Deafening shouts reverberated around the school...

Nitya’s Unique Approach -- Finding Joy in Learning

11 February 2020
Nitya Ramasamy of Secondary 4E 2019 almost burned out two weeks before the GCE O-Level exam...

Chloe Chua – Slow and Steady Wins The Race

07 February 2020
Consistency is key. It gets much more stressful nearing the examinations if you don't practise regularly...

Perseverance Pays Off for Cherie Ng

07 February 2020
"Don’t give up even when you don’t know what lies ahead.” These were Cherie’s first words...

Jamie’s Scientific Formula for Academic and Leadership Success

07 February 2020
Jamie Khoo of Secondary 4E 2019 is no stranger to Science. She discovered her interest...

Humility the Key to Shanice Kwok’s Success

03 February 2020
I was extremely nervous before Ms Chen announced the names of the outstanding all round students. Then I saw my name on the screen...

Nicole’s Secrets to Success --- Pals, Practice and Pausing

03 February 2020
When Nicole Tham from Secondary 4B 2019 found out that she was one of the outstanding all round students...

A Tremendous Thanksgiving to Remember

03 December 2019
For many, it may symbolise a big feast and family festivities, but that is not all there is to it...

Celebrating Fairfield’s 131st Founder’s Day With A Thanksgiving Service

22 November 2019
What can we do to eventfully celebrate our school’s 131st birthday? With a Founder’s Day Thanksgiving Service of course...

Fairfield’s 131st Founder’s Day Festivities

22 November 2019
The melodious singing of the school song resounded throughout the school compound...