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Character & Citizenship Education


To develop Fairsians to become influential leaders who demonstrate the values of respect, responsibility, purity and honesty, resilience and care and empathy and who love and appreciate their school and country to live and work in the globalised economy.



The school is guided by John C. Maxwell’s philosophy that “Leadership is Influence”. Therefore, we believe that every Fairsian can be an influential leader who demonstrates the traits of personhood, commitment and service.

(a) Lifeskills Curriculum 
A structured lifeskills curriculum that includes modules such as values education, sexuality education, leadership and service learning is integrated as an essential component of the school’s enriching Character & Leadership Education programme. Lessons are holistically developed and experientially delivered to help pupils acquire knowledge and grow in socio-emotional competencies. A journaling component is included as part of the assessment criteria to emphasise the importance of personal reflection.

(b) Career Guidance 
All students go through a Career Guidance module as part of the CCE Curriculum. A Career Guidance Day is also organised to prepare Secondary 4/5 pupils for life beyond secondary school. The programme includes dialogue sessions with Former Fairsians who have established their careers in different industries, as well as talks by representatives from Institutes of Higher Learning. Differentiated talks across the streams and visits to several polytechnics also help pupils to understand the criteria and content for various courses and make more informed choices in their post-Secondary education endeavours.

(c) Advanced Student Leadership Training Programme 
The school believes that every Fairsian can be a leader. While every student goes through a structured leadership programme, the Advanced Student Leadership Training programme involves Student Councillors, Peer Support Leaders, Community Student Leaders, Sports Leaders, C.C.A. Leaders and Class Committee members. This holistic, experiential and enriching programme aims to serve the community and strive to inculcate in these students the necessary leadership skills needed for them to become an effective influential leader.

(d) Trips for International Experience
Recognising the increasing need for Singaporeans to be global in outlook and to be able to operate in multi-national settings, Fairfield provides a range of both academic and non-academic internationalisation trips. These experiences are aimed at developing pupils to be culturally savvy by exposing them to the world, while sensitising them to Singapore in relation to its global context, and deepening pupils’ commitment and rootedness to Singapore.

Selected Secondary 3 pupils have the opportunity to serve the global community through the Trips for International Experience (T.I.E.). Partnerships with agencies have enabled our pupils to go beyond Singapore to serve in other countries and to develop 21st Century skills sets to raise global awareness.

(e) School-based National Education Activities 
Pupils take part in meaningful celebrations of Singapore’s cultural diversity and commemorations of significant days of nation-building throughout the year. National Education learning journeys also take place as extensions of the Instructional Programme. Activities are also planned to promote active citizenry amongst pupils. Students consolidate their learning experiences through structured avenues that allow them to reflect deeply and to share with the rest of the pupil population.

(f) Values in Action (VIA) 
Values in Action (VIA) in FMS(S) plays an important role in living out one of the four Fairsian Outcomes: Heart of Service. 

The VIA programme is crucial in developing the characters of our students as students will have the opportunities to serve the larger communities beyond the school. The VIA activities serve to instil in students a sense of empathy and compassion for the less fortunate and provide a platform for the students to lead and serve others. 




Secondary 1

Migrant Workers Community, Special Needs Community

Engagement sessions with migrant workers and special needs community

Secondary 2

Elderly community

Community Engagement Project at Senior Activity Centres  

Secondary 3

School and other communities in Singapore

Student-led VIA projects to serve the school and needs of other communities during FLEX week.

Secondary 4/5

Communities beyond school

Student-initiated projects that impact the communities beyond school

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Name & Appointment Name & Appointment
mr li weihan joel.jpg
Mr Joel Li Weihan
HOD Character & Citizenship Education
miss shamsiah zainalabidin.jpg Ms Shamsiah Bte Zainalabidin 
SH Character & Citizenship Education (Lifeskills Curriculum)  
Mr Tan AH.jpg Mr Tan Aik Hwee Alester 
SH Character & Citizenship Education (NE & VIA) 
 Mr Leonard.jpgMr Ngoei Jin Thai Leonard
Sec  3H Form Teacher
 mrs tay-seow li ern helsa.jpgMrs Tay- Seow Li Ern Helsa 
Sec  1B  Form Teacher 
Mr Dannish Kurniago 
Sec 5A Form Teacher 
mr loke liang en joel.jpg Mr Loke Liang En Joel  
Sec 3B Form Teacher 
 Laura-2015.jpgMs Or Kar Yan Laura 

ms venetia anne chong pei ni.jpgMs Venetia Anne Chong Pei Ni  
Sec 2G2 Form Teacher 
 ms wong jiayi.jpgMs Wong Jiayi
Sec 4C Form Teacher 
 mr chee chong kit nicholas.jpg 
Mr Chee Chong Kit Nicholas 
Sec 1A Form Teacher 

 ms ng ling yee domina.jpg Ms Ng Ling Yee Domina  
Sec 4B  Form Teacher 
 ms heng win june.jpg Ms Heng Win June
Education and Career Guidance Counsellor