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Voice Of A Fairsian Programme

The ‘Voice Of A Fairsian Programme’ helps students to develop the ability to form sound opinions through meaningful discussions, thorough analysis and deep reflection. In the classroom, students apply talk moves to make thinking visible in both group and class discussions. Debates, presentations, talk shows, multi-media projects, drama performances and poetry recitations are also included in the English Language, English Literature and Mother Tongue departments’ language focused activities to cultivate students’ confidence in public speaking and advocacy skills. Outside the classroom, students are given many opportunities during morning assemblies and Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) sessions to articulate, persuade and convince others of their views, and to grow a stronger personal voice. Some of the topics that students have shared include travel, community, environment, leadership, cyber wellness, animals and friendship.

The English Language department also exposes students to various prestigious speaking competitions like the ‘YMCA Plain English Speaking Awards (PESA)’ and the ‘National Public Speaking Competition (NPSC)’. Through the close guidance of our English Language teachers, students gain the experience not only to broaden their oratorical experience, but also pit their speaking skills and creativity against the very best local speakers. Fairfield is proud of the achievements of a couple of our students who did very well at the YWCA PESA and the NPSC:


B Vithiyadhar (Sec 3A) – Champion (Upper Secondary Category)

2016 NPSC

Jeslyn Leung (Sec 3B) – Second Place