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To answer the MOE’s call of Science for Life and Society, the Science Department in Fairfield aims to nurture active, lifelong learners through a differentiated and learner-centric curriculum that develops in-depth understanding of major Science concepts and theories, as well as high-level proficiency through opportunities for advanced study.

We achieve this vision by inspiring Fairsians to be curious and develop an inquiring mind through authentic and engaged learning. We nurture in students logical reasoning and analytical skills to make sense of the world around them.

Science Department’s Teaching and Learning Approach

The department’s approach to the teaching and learning of Science (Fig. 1) is guided by the revised MOE’s Science Curriculum Framework

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Fig. 1 FMS(S) Science Department’s Approach to Teaching and Learning

The department adopts different approaches to nurture a vibrant community of lifelong learners. We work on the different themes and disciplines in Science while integrating values and 21 st century competencies to address the holistic development of students. We also customise, plan or select lessons, programmes and competitions that are experiential and progressive, leveraging on our partners to provide enriched learning for our students and teachers.

Key Programmes

The learning of Science is crafted in a progressive fashion where learning activities are learner-centric, inquiry-based and authentic:

1. Secondary One Community Garden project

The Community Garden project involves all academic streams of our Secondary One students and integrates the learning from various topics from our customised Secondary One Science curriculum, in alignment to the Thematic Approach to Science. It seeks to foster an active thinking culture amongst all students. Students will appreciate that Science is not just confined to the classroom or laboratory but also to the natural world where interaction between living things and its environment are essential. At the same time, students will become socially responsible by caring for others through meaningful contribution to the local community with the products from the Community Gardens.

2. Secondary Two Enrichment

The Secondary Two enrichment programme serves as an extension to the curriculum that students are learning in the classroom, by allowing students to see how different Science concepts and learning are integrated in authentic application of Science learning.

3. Secondary Three Physics/Chemistry/Biology enrichment

Students experience in depth how the Physics or Chemistry topics they have learnt in the classroom are applied in a hands-on and authentic context. They apply their scientific knowledge such as building a solar cooker in Physics, investigate the authentic applications of rate of reaction in Chemistry, or learning journeys to Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum in Biology.

4. Secondary Three Trips for International Experience

The Science Department collaborates with Mother Tongue and Humanities department on overseas trips. While learning about the culture of the local community and performing community service, students also experience authentic learning contexts and learn across different disciplines in Science.

5. Science National Competitions

Fairsians who have strong inclination in Science can participate in various Science National Competitions. The Science Programme for Education of Aspiring Researchers, or SPEAR, is set up to allow Fairsians to develop a passion in science by allowing them to explore their areas of interest outside the curriculum. Students conduct different projects from a wide range of topics, and subsequently submitted their projects for competitions such as the Singapore Science and Engineering Fair. Upper secondary students talented in the various Science subjects also participate in the Biology, Chemistry and Physics Junior Olympiads.



11th International Biomedical Quiz 2022 – 1 Bronze & 1 Certificate of Participation
Singapore Science and Engineering Fair 2022 – 5 Finalist


Singapore Junior Chemistry Olympiad 2021 – 2 Merit

Community in Bloom (CIB) Awards
    • Achievement Band: Gold
    • Achievement Ribbon: Outstanding Edibles –Growing Community Garden


Singapore Science and Engineering Fair 2019 – 3 Finalist
Singapore Junior Biology Olympiad 2019 – 2 Silvers
Singapore Junior Chemistry Olympiad 2019 – 1 Gold, 1 Silver & 1 Merit
Singapore Junior Physics Olympiad 2019 – 1 Silver, 1 Bronze & 2 Honourable Mentions


Singapore Science and Engineering Fair 2018 -- 2 Bronze & 3 Junior Scientist Awards
Singapore Young Physicists' Tournament 2018 -- Commendation Award


Singapore Science and Engineering Fair 2017 -- Junior Scientist Award (Broadcom MASTERS)