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Physical Education

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The PE department is a team of energetic and passionate educators who advocate continuously living active lifestyles. We firmly believe that Sports and Physical Education is an avenue for developing active lifelong learners and influential leaders of sterling character. We seek to equip Fairsians with the attitudes, knowledge and skills to pursue healthy lifestyles, in which core values such as resilience, teamwork, honesty and respect for others are evidently displayed through their involvement in sports.


Mission: PE for Life

Our vision is to empower our students with the desired physical skills and values to develop routines and habits for pursuing an active and healthy lifestyle through personal and corporate engagement.

The Physical Education (PE) curriculum comprises three learning areas: (i) Outdoor Education, (ii) Physical Activities, and (iii) Physical Health and Fitness. In the Outdoor Education module, students learn a variety of outdoor skills such as outdoor cooking and tent pitching. Students also build on the foundation of orienteering in the Sec2 adventure camp where they are challenged to trek and kayak for more than ten kilometres for both the land and sea expeditions. Students are exposed to a range of Physical Activities that include net-barrier, striking-fielding and territorial-invasion games. These Physical Activities develop the students’ gross motor skills and promote muscular coordination. Through Physical Health and Fitness, students learn how to manage their caloric intake, body-mass-index, pacing etc. with a variety of theory and practical lessons.

Physical Health & Fitness / Outdoor Education
Physical Activities (Sports)
Physical Activities (Sports)
Sec 1
Outdoor Education / 2.4km Run Test
Sec 2
NAPFA Test / 4D3N Outdoor Adventure Camp
Sec 3
Pull Up Test (Boys) / Inclined PU (Girls), Standing Broad Jump Test, 5D4N Outward Bound School (2021)
Sec 4
Sec 5

Our Approach to Learning

Our qualified and trained PE teachers are dedicated to delivering a quality and holistic educational experience that caters to the differentiated learning needs. Opportunities are created for students to experience and enjoy a range of competitive and challenging activities as individuals, partners and/or in teams while regular, timely feedback and assessment help students monitor and improve their own fitness/skill levels. We seek to instil a lifelong enjoyment and appreciation of PE and sport, and develop an understanding of how PE and sport are useful and needed for a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Key Programmes

Sec 2 Fairfield Learning Experience (FLEX) Week

The school adopts a holistic approach towards imbuing in the students an adventurous spirit and a love for outdoor education. All Secondary 2 students are given the opportunity to spend 4 Days 3 Nights at an outdoor campsite for an expeditionary programme that consists of outdoor cooking, tent pitching, as well as land & sea expeditions.

The objectives of the course are aligned to the Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) Framework (MOE, 2005), in which the five key learning outcomes of the course are:

a) Self Awareness - Act responsibly to oneself, others and the environment.
b) Self Management - Understand the key factor of contributing to teamwork.
c) Social Awareness - Recognise the need for perseverance in completing tasks.
d) Relationship Management - Learn to deal with unfamiliar tasks and challenges.
e) Responsible Decision Making - Realise the importance of evaluation and reflection.

In the process, these objectives are met when pupils learn about their own strengths and weaknesses; the importance of mental tenacity; and effective leadership skills in overcoming the challenges posed to them. The experiential course is also aimed at facilitating social bonding among the pupils, further enhance their life skills as well as to develop their character.

PEDAL (PE Departmental Assessment of Learning)

Pupils at various levels are assessed in the cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains via the sports module, the level of fitness and weight status. These sports modules cover popular games from the 3 categories: Striking games, Territorial Games and Net-Barrier Games and pupils are assessed based on their mastery of the below games:

Sec 1- Swimming (Swimsafer 2.0) /Volleyball
Sec 2- Basketball
Sec 3- Softball
Sec 4- Badminton

Inter-class Games/Sports Leadership

The Inter-class Games provide a platform for the pupils to bond as a class and to demonstrate their understanding and confidence in newly acquired games skills and knowledge from the PE curriculum.

The pupils from Sec 1 to 4 are encouraged to participate in 4 games, namely Volleyball (Sec 1), Basketball/Captains Ball (Sec 2), Softball (Sec 3) , Ultimate Frisbee (Sec 4).

The Inter-class Games also serve as a platform for Class Captains to develop into confident and competent Sports Leaders, through the organisation and execution of the Games. Other opportunities of development involving our partners are also provided to the Class Captains, namely the Fairfield Methodist School (Primary) Sports Carnival, and the Telok Blangah CC – FMSS Family Affairs on Bicycle. It is believed that such opportunities will enrich the pupils’ experience and provide them a platform to apply and hone their leadership capability.


The Annual Run (formerly known as Cross Country) is an annual event organised in conjunction with the Healthy Lifestyle Week. On that day, the entire school community gathers at a community park for a competitive run around the scenic grounds. The event aims to imbibe the importance of healthy living and to cultivate the spirit of resilience and determination. It also provides an informal setting for teachers to mingle with parents, strengthening the home-school partnership.