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To nurture Fairsians to become effective listeners, avid readers, inspiring orators, perceptive thinkers and outstanding wordsmiths


Provide a good foundation in English that culminates in excellent reading, writing, speaking, listening and thinking skills for life by exposing students to a wide range of engaging materials, providing them with varying perspectives, and arousing their curiosity to form educated opinions.

Key Programmes

We are a team of creative and passionate language professionals, tenaciously devoted to nurturing Fairsians to become effective listeners, avid readers, inspiring orators, perceptive thinkers and outstanding wordsmiths.

Community Problem Solving Project

One of the key highlights for Secondary Three students is the Community Problem Solving Project. For a duration of two terms, students work in groups of four to five to create a solution for an authentic problem faced by the Fairfield community and a community that they have identified beyond Fairfield. This project hones the students’ critical and inventive thinking, communication abilities, collaborative and information skills, which are key competencies required in the 21st Century.

Applying the rigour of divergent and convergent thinking in their teams, students work on a series of comparative evaluation to arrive at the most significant problem and most effective solution, before presenting their final research findings and detailed analysis to their peers and teachers. After that, the best projects from each class are considered for actual implementation and follow through. This is a signature project of the English department that aims to make learning and problem solving as real and authentic as possible for the students.

Voice of a Fairsian Programme

The English department’s four-year ‘Voice of A Fairsian Programme’ cultivates students’ confidence in public speaking and advocacy skills. This programme, which consists of engaging language-focused activities like debate, drama, speech and oral presentations, enable students to develop the ability to form sound opinions through thorough analysis and deep reflection; articulate, persuade and convince others appropriately; and muster the courage to speak up, stand up for and act upon one’s views and beliefs – and hence, grow a stronger personal voice.

Sec 1 to 4 ‘Watch A Play’ Programme

To help Literature students understand and engage with their Literature texts more successfully, excursions to the theatre are organised for them. We hope that this will increase their appreciation for the Arts and inculcate in them a love for the performance of literary works.


2018 YMCA Plain English Speaking Awards (PESA)

B Vithiyadhar (Sec 3A) – Champion (Upper Secondary Category)

2018 National Schools Literature Festival 

On 21 July 2018, two teams of Literature students represented Fairfield at the National Schools Literature Festival. Over 2000 participants from over 120 schools attended the event held at Paya Lebar Methodist Secondary School. A team of eight students participated in the lower secondary book trailer category, and a team of four Secondary 3 students participated in the Upper Secondary Unseen Text Debate. This was meant to expose students to how Literature is taught and presented in other schools, and to allow them to learn from other students about different modes of performances and genres of Literature. It also allows them to challenge themselves and pit their skills against stronger competitors so that they can always improve and be a better version of themselves. Both teams came in first in their competition rooms at the National Schools Literature Festival.

Upper Secondary Unseen Text Debate --- National First Placing
Lower Secondary Book Trailer --- National First Placing

Achievements in Writing Competitions

The English Language department also actively hones our students’ writing skills and establishes strategic partnerships with relevant organisations to find competition platforms to help them excel in various prestigious writing competitions like ‘The Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition’ as well as the ‘Safety Starts with Me Creative Story Writing Competition’. 

Through the close guidance of our English Language teachers, students gain the intellectual experience to not only broaden their writing experience, but also pit their writing skills and creativity against the very best local and international writers. 

Fairfield is proud of the achievements of the following talented and creative young writers who delivered prize-winning masterpieces after seizing the unique opportunity to make their voice heard on both the local and global platforms.

2021 Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition 
Delaine Tan (Sec 1E) - Silver Award
Lauren Soh (Sec 1E) - Silver Award
Kylee Tan (Sec 3E) - Silver Award
Ng Xin Yee Kayla (Sec 2D) - Silver Award

2021 Safety Starts With Me Creative Story Writing Competition

Clara Ng Xin Yue (4F) -  Bronze
Nicole Lim Hwee See (4F) - Bronze
Megan Kirsty Dawe (4F) - Bronze
Kimberly Niam (4E) - Consolation
Leong Ren Kai Caleb (4A) - Consolation  (Journalism CCA)

2020 Safety Starts With Me Creative Story Writing Competition

Renee Chung Rui Ning (4E) – Silver
Benjamin Foo Wei Hong (4E) – Consolation
Yow Chen Feng (4F) – Consolation
Liesl Ann Wong (4B) – Consolation
Chan Xuan Ern Sarah (1A) – Consolation
Joseph Chan Chern En (4E) – Consolation

2019 Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition

Enne Er (Sec 2E) --- Bronze Award (Junior Category)

2019 Safety Starts With Me Creative Story Writing Competition

Jaz Samantha Ku (Sec 4E) --- Bronze
Zhang Ruitao (Sec 4E ) --- Bronze
Keagan Guay (Sec 4F) --- Bronze
Enne Er (Sec 2E) --- Consolation

2018 Safety Starts With Me Creative Story Writing Competition

Gwyneth Goh (Sec 4F) --- Gold Award
Muhammad Afiq (Sec 4F) --- Silver Award

2017 Safety Starts With Me Creative Story Writing Competition

Timothy Seah Kai Le (Sec 4E) --- Silver Award
Chan Zhi Yang (Sec 4F) --- Bronze Award

Achievements in Scrabble Competitions 

Taking part in Scrabble competitions is a new endeavour that a handful of Secondary One students initiated in 2018. It all started with three students who took part in Scrabble competitions while they were in primary school, who expressed their desire to join the secondary school Scrabble competitions. They roped in their classmates and friends to form teams, to great success. Scrabble is a great platform to hone students’ strategic thinking skills and to draw on and expand their extensive vocabulary.

2018 8th Super Zone Schools Scrabble Competition

Wong Min (Sec 1E) (Captain) -- Champion 
Nathaniel Hsiao Chi Ping (Sec 1A)-- Champion 
Siak Wan Rong Megan (Sec 1E) -- Champion 

Rayner Wan (Sec 1E) (Captain) --- 4th Runner Up

Chrisye Cheong (Sec 1E) --- 4th Runner Up
Thisath Atapattu (Sec 1E) --- 4th Runner Up 

17th Inter-School National Scrabble Championship

Nathaniel Hsiao Chi Ping (Sec 1A) --- ‘C’ Division – Bowl Category - 4th Placing