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Sophia Blackmore Leadership Programme

Fairfield’s Sophia Blackmore Leadership Programme (SBLP) seeks to develop students to be influential cultural leaders who are ready to take the lead to serve the immediate school community as well as the wider community at large. The school adopts John Maxwell’s definition of leadership which is based on the idea that “Leadership is Influence” and not on position or title. Fairsians are taught that they can lead themselves and at the same time, they follow a leader because of who he/she is and what he/she represents. 

The SBLP also aims to nurture leaders with a Personal Voice (PV). PV is defined as the ability to form sound opinions through listening to others and reflecting deeply; articulate opinions with respect and confidence; and having the moral courage to speak up and stand up for one’s beliefs.

With a strong PV, student leaders will be able to influence the student body and shape the culture of a student-led school. This is done in tandem with the push to strengthen moral and performance character, promote active citizenry and inspire students to serve.

Leadership Skills Framework

The school has adopted James Kouzes and Barry Posner’s five practices of exemplary leadership and seeks to equip our student leaders with these skills.

LEADERSHIP Skills Framework
(5 Exemplary Leadership Practices by Kouzes & Posner)

5 Leadership Practices Descriptors
Model the Way
  • Sets personal examples of what they expect from others and encourages others to do the same.
  • Consistent and exemplary in their conduct.
  • Committed to follow through assigned responsibilities and tasks. 
Encourage the Heart
  • Encourage others meaningfully as they work on activities and programs.
  • Celebrates accomplishments of others.
  • Expresses appreciation sincerely for contributions that others make.
Enable others to act
  • Foster collaboration by building trusting relationships.
  • Practice active listening to understand diverse views.
  • Gives others autonomy and choice in deciding how to do work
Challenge the Process
  • Adopt a growth mindset and continually develop their skills and abilities.
  • Searches for innovative ways to improve what they are doing.
  • Consistently strives to produce quality work.
Inspire a Shared Vision
  • Communicates with others what they hope to see happen in their groups or community.
  • Upbeat and positive when talking about what their teams can accomplish.
  • Describes to others in their groups or community what they are capable of achieving.

Student leaders are given opportunities to apply their learning through service to the school and wider community.

Student Leadership 3-Tiered Framework

Fairfield believes that all Fairsians can be leaders and has adopted a three-tier model for student leadership training.

3tier Framework.png

The SBLP seeks also to develop student leaders with the four Fairsian Outcomes in mind. Basic Leadership Training is conducted through platforms such as the Lifeskills curriculum, Fairfield Learning Experience (FLEX) week, Fairsian Connect Assembly Talks, Values-in-Action Programme and CCA Training.

Students who are appointed to leadership positions such as Student Councillors, Peer Support Leaders, Community Student Leaders, Sports Leaders and CCA Leaders undergo the Advanced Student Leadership Training Programme. Some key programmes they go through are:

  • Sophia Blackmore Probational Training Programme (Sec 1s & 2s)
  • Sophia Blackmore Training Camp (Sec 3s)
  • Sophia Blackmore Trip for International Experience for Leaders (Sec 3s)
  • Planning the Sec 1 Orientation Programme
  • Fairfield Make Someone Smile (FMSS) Projects
  • Service to school and wider community through the various initiatives and projects in their student leadership groups
Student Leader Group Presidents and Heads also go through mentoring sessions with their teachers to sharpen their communication, people and project management skills.