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Red Cross Youth


Training Days & Time:

Friday: 2.00 pm - 6.00 pm

Teachers In Charge:

Mr. Jon Poh Jing Ping (I/C)
Ms Nur Fazilah
Ms Shamsiah
Ms Aminah


Vision & Mission

Fairfield Methodist School (Secondary)’s Red Cross Youth unit specialise in teaching first aid skill and evaluation knowledge to our cadets. But more than that the unit strives to teach our cadets about discipline, unity, teamwork through our various activities such as evacuation, foot drills and outdoor activities.

Through this we hope all cadets will learn to live our motto of “To Serve One Another.”


Being one of the earliest unit in Singapore, Fairfield’s Red Cross Unit has a history of excellence. We also firmly believe in a Student lead CCA – allowing our students to take the lead in planning CCA activities as teachers take an advisory role. We strive to develop all our cadets holistically and do our best to provide them opportunities to do this.


Yearly VIA Experience

Every year the cadets will have a Yearly VIA . This sees them planning and executing a VIA. Often these VIA are a visit to an elder care facility.

End of Year Unit Camp

At the end of every year, we organise a End of Year Unit camp which all cadets must attend. A camp planned by students for students, the End of Year camp the camp is a time for unit bonding. This is often the most look forward to activity of the unit by the cadet.

Secondary 3 Leadership Training Camp

At the beginning of the year, our Secondary 3 Cadets will all undergo a Leadership Training Camp. Spanning across usually 3 Days, the camp is designed to develop our cadet’s leadership skills as they prepare to take over the running of the unit. It is a turning the page affair that many credit as the most fruitful experience they had during their time in the Unit.



Excellent Unit Award (Year of Assessment 2021)Gold
Red Cross Youth Director's Award 20221 Recipient
2022 Disaster Risk Reduction Championships (DM)Silver
Trailblazer (Finals)Silver


Red Cross Youth Director's Award 20211 Recipient
2021 Disaster Risk Reduction Championships (DM) Gold
2021 Ambassadors of Blood Competition  Silver


Excellent Unit Award (Year of Assessment 2019)
Silver Award
National First Aid Competition 2020Silver Award (Junior)
Trailblazer (Finals)Representation 


Excellent Unit Award (Year of Assessment 2018)
Silver Award
Red Cross Youth Director's Award 2019 1 Recipient
Trailblazer (Finals) Silver Award
National First Aid Competition 2019 Gold Award (Senior)
Silver Award (Junior)


Excellent Unit Award (Year of Assessment 2017)
Gold Award