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Robotics Club


Training Days & Time:

Wednesday (Selected S/s): 3.30 pm - 6.00 pm
Friday: 2.00 pm - 5.30 pm
Saturday (Competition venues): Whole day

Teachers In Charge:

Mr Keith Liew (Advisor)
Ms Lim Chee Chin (I/C)
Mdm Sangeetha (Volunteer)



To create an inclusive community where everyone is treated fairly and with respect.


To empower every members of Robotics@Fairfield to push past their limits and plan for the future.


In FRC, we use LEGO Mindstorms to teach students the two core components of Robotics - building and programming.

Robotics is an effective way to teach programming as students can see the robot in action and learn that precise programming instructions are required.

As a STEM topic, students can also develop valuable soft skills, such as the ability to think critically in stressful situations, time management and conflict resolution.

FRC’s syllabus is not only Robotics- based. CCA leaders will organise VIA activities which includes community work with various organisations.

FRC participates in two to three competitions each year- IDE Series*, NRPC and NRC. Recently, FRC won 1st in NRPC 2019 (Robot Performance, Technical Presentation).

Key Competitions

1)  National Robotics and Programming competition (NRPC)
2)  National Robotics Competition (NRC)



National Robotics Competition2nd & Representation


National Robotics and Programming competition (Robot Performance)
First position
National Robotics and Programming competition (Technical Presentation)
First position