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Training Days & Time:

Wednesday (Sec. 1): 3.30 pm - 5.00 pm
Friday (Sec. 2-5): 2.00 pm - 4.30pm

Teachers In Charge:

Ms Desiree Tham (I/C)
Ms Samsiah (2 I/C)
Mr Alester Tan

Social Media:

Instagram: Media_at_fairfield



To build confident and passionate photographers and videographers in communicating their ideas, thoughts, and feelings through the medium of photography and film.


To nurture passionate photographers and videographers by providing internal and external activities / competitions to broaden their knowledge of the medium. Through our programme, we aim to cultivate student's project management, leadership skills, confidence and being an active contributor to the school.


Media@Fairfield is a CCA that aims to equip students with Basic Photography, Video editing, film appreciation and documenting and archiving of various school events. Students are dedicated towards being a passionate Photographer or Videographer as well as an active contributor to the school such as our Founders Day, Fairfield Run, National Day, Teachers day and Open House. Our Secondary one enters our Programme having a foundation of both Photography and Film before they decide to specialise in a specific field of interest in Secondary 2. Students begin to develop their passion and interest in their specialised field of practice. Our Key competitions that Media@Fairfield participates in are “Our Schools Our Stories” photo contest and the “TwentyFour” a short film-making hackathon with inter-schools and JC level competition.

Key Programmes


Photography (Technical)
Event Photography
Outdoor Photography (Narrative)


Film-making (Technical)
Documentary Film-making 2019 / Narrative Film-making 2020
Script Writing
Video Editing (Post-Production)


“Our Schools, Our Stories” 
“NDP 2020 AFC Learning Gallery Short Film Competition”



Lions Home School Video Competition 2022Representation


#ClickArt Photography Showcase 2021 (S2 Cluster)Distinction, Accomplishment & Representation
Safety Starts With Me Video Competition 2021  Representation 
Our School Our Stories Photography Competition 2021 Representation 
Canon Youth Photography Award 2021 Representation