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Training Days & Time:

Friday: 2.30 pm - 4.30 pm

Teachers In Charge:

Mrs Chang Jia Pei (Advisor)
Ms Tan Sor Tin (I/C)


Vision & Mission

The Fairfield's Media Resource Library or Library@Fairfield aims to publicise and promote the use of books and media resources for educational, entertainment purposes and to provide quality services for users.


  • To nurture students to be information literate 
    -    access information efficiently and effectively
    -    evaluate information critically and competently
    -    apply information effectively and creatively
  • To nurture students to be independent learners 
    -    pursue information related to personal interests
    -    appreciate and enjoy literature and other creative expressions of information
    -    strive for excellence in information seeking and knowledge generation
  • To nurture students who contributes positively to the learning community 
    -    exhibit ethical behaviour with regards to information and information technology
    -    participate effectively in groups to pursue and generate information.


  • Monthly theme book displays
  • Monthly book reviews
  • Values-in-action programme during the March holidays
  • Teacher’s Day gift making
  • Day camp (after End-of-year examinations)



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