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Training Days & Time:

Tuesday: 3.00 pm - 5.30 pm

Teacher In Charge:

Mr Joseph Guo



To nurture all journalists to become creative writers, inspiring interviewers and impactful photographers so as to promote school pride and affect.


To provide a nurturing environment that culminates in excellent writing, interviewing and photography skills for life.


In Fairfield’s Multi-Ethnic Celebrations, National Day Parades, and various other school events, you might spot a team of students diligently taking notes, interviewing people, and taking impactful action shots. These are our enthusiastic journalists covering the school events and achievements of our school, and eventually delivering well-written articles and impactful photos to promote school pride and affect. Through various in-house training sessions, we aim to improve our journalists’ writing, interviewing and photography skills.


(1) Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition
(2) Safety Starts with Me Creative Story Writing Competition
(3) Voice of a Fairfield Journalist



2019 Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition
Enne Er (Sec 2E) --- Bronze Award (Junior Category)
2019 Safety Starts With Me Writing Competition
Enne Er (Sec 2E) --- Consolation
2019 Voice of a Fairfield Journalist
Joshua Ho (Sec 1E 2019)

Joshua Ho's article titled ‘Let Idea of Rooftop Farms Grow’ was published on the Straits Times Youth Forum.